David Lopez - The Life Of Juan How to build a chair - The Juan And Jesús 1 month ago   07:47

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mEmEs 4LiFe
7:28 nanis nenes HUAAAAAA
Mr Danielzzz
3:25 lol 😁👍
Deska Novalia
1:27 song ??
Concepcion Huerta
T . F . J
2:34 why
Jeremiah Couch
This guy is funny never fails to make me laugh lol
3:25 Yes
Adelina Montes
Yoooo the bus stop at 1:26 is the Oceanside Walmart
Joe Luis
i find it sad my mom who is mexican did not find this funny :( i love this lol
Girl Version of Sans
Best 7 minuets and 47 seconds of my life
Yeneisy Roque
"Mexicano villian is chupacabra" lol
Maestro Music
Stephanie Saldana
Lol that's true cuz I am a mexican
Joshua Greathouse
I got your mail its from statefarm
Ms. Ortiz
He is super funny and creative, good job David.
Cra Zy
4:08 what is the name of that song??
planet xd
I don't know who you are it's jaun I will find you it's not jaun Lol
Revive Gaming
Too bad things like these aren’t funny anymore considering deportation is a serious problem right now
ItsyoboyVikk With stuff
Love his vines
Diego Bojorquez
Wtf Nosotros los mexicanos nos somos así este tipo es un Impostor XD
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How to build a chair - The Juan And Jesús David Lopez - The Life Of Juan 1 month ago   04:50

Watch Juan and Jesús teach you how to build a chair! Thanks for watching!!! Follow me on Vine: vine://user/910024754235314176 Follow me on Instagram and Twitter: @davidlopezfilms Follow Brian Moreno on Vine: vine://user/996231742296137728 Follow Brian Moreno on Instagram: brianmoreno777

Starring: David Lopez & Brian Moreno
Filmed and edited by: Chad Suter