Filipino USA Trip Review + Food EATING ISAW (Intestines) | FILIPINO 2 days ago   10:58

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Filipino friend is back from USA & shares his experience. Home cooking: Longanisa (Filipino sweet sausage), beef & broccoli stir fry, pancakes & bacon. Shout-out to Dr Jordan Peterson. Australia Vlog 73.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.

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Jason in Missouri
Jordan Peterson rocks!
Pinay please R
Actually Saturday is the sabbath. Sunday is the first day of the week Saturday is the last.
I love your channel and hope to make a G adventures. Can we be friends and I thank you for your video
most americans are nice if you are also nice, we just don't have a lot of patience for stupid.. lol... but as in any country you need to watch out for the rotten apples.. always a few around.
Steven Szabo
California is a beautiful State that is unfortunately being run into the ground by a Communist government. Dr. Peterson sounds like a good man. I will look him up.
Maria Cabico
U look like Asian not that Aussie guy✌
Tony Phan
Filipino food. Haha I find it very familiar hahahaha. Great share man : )
socal benny
It seems that your friend forgot to notice that the city names themselves are in spanish like Los Angeles and San Francisco to name a few. The US southwest used to be part of Mexico until they lost it in the US-Mexican war in the mid 1800's
Focus Warrior
Love this content.
J. B. Arches
Another great vlog!
Good heads up about Jordan Peterson. He is a man that stands out in this climate of political correctness overhere in Canada and the US. Very interesting vids about many interesting subjects! By the way, Mr B... when are you gonna make more philippine vids?
ricky usa
Sounds like your friend's uncle drives a GMC pickup. A lot of people drive things like that and never haul anything heavier than a pizza or bag of groceries.
Vince Crue
Hey B your buddy sez in trouble involved the bebots guy in phil doing pedophile got arrested couple weeks, what you thing comment
longonisa is what makes me get going early in the morning
Oleg Tsverkalyuk
Jane Dudynsky
Hi B. Food looks good. Glad to know your friend had a good vacation here in the US. Take care friend.
michael j
Nice vlog as always
Susan Labandero Jeppesen
Hope you are doing Great Brendan ☺️ Greetings from Denmark 🇩🇰
Secret Oreo
My favorite ulam sweet longanisa..yummy!..
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EATING ISAW (Intestines) | FILIPINO Filipino USA Trip Review + Food 2 days ago   06:58

Filipino food is some of the most unique on the planet. Balut especially is a world wide shocker, and a must try if you do travel in the Philippines. However, I noticed quite quickly while traveling through the Roxas Night Market in Davao City, Mindanao. I also saw it while exploring Manila street food. There is another equally strange and common street food in the Philippines, and perhaps it's more widely loved. It's called Isaw AKA BBQ chicken intestines.

Kyle Jennermann of Becomingfilipino told me about Roxas market being a great spot for a Philippines travel vlog, and indeed it was. This was Pinoy street food heaven. Lines and lines of stall all selling a variety of Filipino snacks. Before coming to the Philippines I had made a list of food to try by watching Best Food Review Show Ever and Mark Weins travel videos. I was not disappointed when I saw many of them here.

As a foreigner in the Philippines, I didn't think I would like intestines. It turns out... they are pretty great!

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