LionDub - Dubbing For Zion 12 Pounds - Full movie, English 4 months ago   05:32

Marko Kattilakoski
Music written by Marko Kattilakoski. Mixed by Fredrik Persson. Actors: Dennis Åhs and Henry Arousell. Camera: Johan Karlsson. Directed and edited by Marko Kattilakoski. Another Matchlock Film production.

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12 Pounds - Full movie, English LionDub - Dubbing For Zion 4 months ago   27:39

Matchlock Film proudly presents:

1632. The thirty years war is raging. A team of swedish soldiers, officers, a priest and a female aristocrat are on a secret mission to end the war. Unfortunately they run into a very dedicated gun crew, armed with a 12 pound cannon.

Director; Marko Kattilakoski, Producer; Josephine Rydberg Lidén, Screenplay; Marko Kattilakoski, Johan Karlsson. Music: Mikael Gunnerås. A - camera: Johan Karlsson. B - camera: Agneta Morin. Boom operator: Annelie Morin. Editing: Johan Karlsson. Sound design: Johan Karlsson. Make up: Lisa Müller. Costume: Marko Kattilakoski. Special effects: Johan Vidinghoff.

Actors: Josephine Rydberg Lidén, Henry Arousell, Dennis Åhs, Johan Klint, Kent Öberg, Peter Endahl, Micke Hyvärinen, Bengt Westin, Henning Larsson Müller, Jonathan Mälstam, Daniel Morin, Mikael Gunnerås.

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(2012) 27 min short film