Emirates Boeing 777 new First Class EMIRATES A380 BANGKOK DUBAI 2 days ago   28:53

the Luxury Travel Expert
Join me on this phenomenal trip onboard Emirates' B777 new First Class suites from Dubai to Brussels. Read a review of this flight on my blog: https://theluxurytravelexpert.com/2018/12/19/review-emirates-b777-first-class/

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Demented Drawingz525
America v.s Dubai
Round 1:Dubai
Round 2:?
Round 3:?
Suresh Babu
Whenever I watch these types of business class trips they made my mind peace becoz of their background music of this video.... peace of mind!!!!
Jack Lan
I'm going to travel first class.
Just why don't they equipt their A380s with these true and fully private appartments?😭
Joseph McLaren
not seen a flight that empty in a long time
Patric S.
What a waste! Instead of making each passenger a little more comfortable, they are building cabins that are unlikely to be occupied.
carol carol
how much did you pay for this flight ?
Ahmet Colak TV
After 28 min video, its time to look to comments and have some fun lol
Flori B
Nice! However, to me, listening to a 777 taking off is first class already.
a 8
Moisturizing pajamas 🤤
Amanda Head
So, how much did this flight cost? You know, for when I win the lottery 😉
Nonie De B
Wow. We recently flew Dubai to Brussels on Emirates 777-300ER. Unfortunately, we were in the other end of the plane 😂 Oh well, maybe next time lol
Ellaine Sotelo
Can you take out those items like the drinks on the cabinet near the screen? Also the amenity kit? Just asking 😊
BTW I always wanted t to ask, in a plane crash, does 1st class and business class passengers get preferential treatment ? You know like, "Mr. Smith the captain has advised the plane is about to crash in 5 minutes, I do apologies but the drink service will be suspended however is there anything else I can get for you before I take my jump seat ? Oh if I'm still alive after the crash, I will come and check on you, of course sir your priority off boarding will still be in effect, just be careful as you leave the plane, there may be body parts strewn, and of course feel free to use the lounge in arrivals, a lovely hot shower and a glass of brut will be just what you needed"
great love the video, shows me what a waste my life has and is, nice one ! next on my viewing list either, "top 5 ways to shoot people from a belltower" or "5 ways not to fuck up an overdose"
vielen dank AMAZING!
Brett Walters
What about the carbon footprint of this narcissism...
sick sapiens.
I clicked on this video because the guy in the thumbnail looked like Ryan Creamer
Eliton Elias
Djourou Nanifo
Perfect for masturbat discretly..
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EMIRATES A380 BANGKOK DUBAI Emirates Boeing 777 new First Class 2 days ago   56:45

From Bangkok to Dubai, Emirates A380 flight EK375 First Class, nice flight, with a very efficient crew mindful crew.