Grocery Pickup - Famous Cars Hanukkah 2018: We got this…? 2 weeks ago   01:01

Get your groceries without leaving your car. Order online. Pick up free.

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Mikey playz428
Ruiner 2000 vs duluxo
Logan Salzman
Where the hell is the Bandit or the General Lee or Herbie
No V8 Interceptor, I'm disappointed.
I don't even like Walmart but this commercial is awesome!!
Pillow Man 500
What’s the song man
Ken O
Speed Racer, you don't shop at Walmart?
VERY well done Walmart. you won the ad race. I foresee a Clio for this.
Anyone else see Sam Walton's truck at the end?
Mamá CriCreando
Amazing !! Love it, good marketing !!
I'm just stopping by to be part of the action!
Michelle Emerson
Walmart makes awesome commercials but pays employees unlivable wages and shitty to no health insurance. Oh did I mention that Walmart puts out local businesses . Thanks Walmart for awesome commercials and no morality!!
Ryan -
How about just better wages.
What about fast and furious car
Maximus Prime
Too bad the General Lee couldnt be there. But y'know people would be all offended.
I just liked a commercial, Im not sure how I feel about myself now.
luis abularach
So you're telling me Doc and Marty traveled to 2019... To shop at a Walmart

Great scottt
Jennifer Garcia
That is so cool!
Liked the ad, could've used more Wayne's world.
cole dougherty
umm no Pussy Wagon?
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Hanukkah 2018: We got this…? Grocery Pickup - Famous Cars 2 weeks ago   01:31

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