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The House of Commons has rejected the Withdrawal Agreement between Britain and the European Union proposed by Prime Minister Theresa May no fewer than three times. Public debate on this Agreement has focused on its inability to deliver the Brexit that Britain voted for in the landmark 2016 referendum because of the Agreement’s effects on trade, regulations, and the relationship between Ireland and Northern Ireland. However, the Agreement also has important intelligence, defense, and security dimensions. In his presentation, Professor Gwythian Prins, a member of the Chief of the UK Defense Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel and emeritus research professor at the London School of Economics, will review the Agreement’s shortcomings in these dimensions and set out the risks it poses to the Anglo-American Special Relationship.

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I was relying on our army to rescue us, a few tanks rumbling up through Westminster and ruining a few windows might alter her behaviour.
They rather be at war then share information and become independent
Jim Sephton
Brilliant speech. I want Britain to be free of the EU Bureaucrats who answer to no one.
Christopher Smith
When (if,) we eventually get out of the EU, the next job will be to take down the civil service. We may be left with an unrecognisable country, but at least it won't be under the control of unaccountable nest-featherers.
John Davies
What we have witnessed here is only scratching the surface of what’s been going on behind the scenes involving P M Mays cell who are extremely powerful people indeed.
Thanks for posting this.
Scary stuff.
And in the last couples of minutes the reminder that all those MEP and ex EU executives will never ever have to pay income tax to any of their income in the UK.
The EU IS just really spiteful. Their employees fully paid up and bribed into submission.
Raphael Ponzi
1. All of this stems from an anti-Americanism which is rampant in 'the establishment', which in turn stems from the Marxism which runs right through our universities.
2. The only way May can be stopped, given her yellow MPs won't get rid of her at the moment, is for our American cousins to threaten to cut off Trident. That would be it for May, and she will be out of office and hopefully prosecuted for treason.
Idiots xD
Naomi M
The EU wants control of the UK defence budget.
Repulse theMonkey
Our own Parliament is in direct opposition to the will of the majority electorate, and has sidestepped democracy for Fascism Lite.
Eric Brown
The first priority of any Government is 'Defence of the Realm', this is not it. Yet again May and her cohorts have totally capitulated to the EU in respect of defence. This is treason. May, along with these civil servants, should be arrested and charged.
Frank Hoffman
''...the high level fluffy bits'' for public consumption - hmmm. Whatever post-May government there is, it sounds like there is a way to determine if it is seriously moving to enact Brexit. If the government continues to allow British bureaucrats into the negotiations, that will mean the Remainers are still in charge.
El Croc
Thank-you for posting this. UK needs out of EU, completely, before any talk of trade or co-operation can happen. May and cronies can only be described as traitors to their people, country and nation. Their actions sadden and shame this nation.
Simon John
What Prof Prins is really saying is "May's cell" is a conspiracy to commit high treason. Why is she and her cell not being held on remand in Belmarsh Prison on trial for High Treason?
foppo leeuwerke
Wishfull thinking again.The fast collapsing of the European Union?The U.K is collapsing at a faster rate in or out the E.U union.Don't worry the Yanks use this area as a base before those bad Russians attack us.
Peter Knopfler
U.K. is ass wipe for USA. USA only speaks English therefore does not want to lose it's spy U.K. That is why Obama said. "back of the Que". Ass wipe U.K. will do what USA says, it is just that simple.
There will be no US-UK trade deal following a no-deal Brexit as the the treacherous British will consequently undermine the US-sponsored international treaty of the Good Friday Agreement between Ireland and the UK. Reality bites.
Mark Hoskins
Lots of Propaganda in this speech and it's clear where this Brexarsteer would like to affiliate the UK .
Colin fryett
We voted to leave the EU not Europe
Don't forget OLIVER LETWIN.  He's the snake in the grass.
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Gwyn Prins on climate change Brexit and the U.S.-U.K. Defense Relationship 1 day ago   04:03

Interview with Gwyn Prins recorded at the UN University G8 symposium on innovation and climate change held July 4 2008 in Tokyo.