DIY ATTIC TO 4K HOME THEATER RENOVATION $12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation 2 days ago   22:32

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Today on Modern Builds I'm converting my parent's attic into the ultimate DIY Home Theater / Cinema Room! This was something my dad has wanted to do since they built the house, and I couldn't be more happy to get this project completed for father's day! Turning the attic into a movie room was a big project, but totally worth it! Thanks for watching and I hope this projects helps make a similar renovation less intimidating for you all watching! Thanks for the support! :)

Thanks to LG for making this video possible. To learn more about the ultra-portable, 4k LG CineBeam (floor or ceiling mount) follow the links below:
LG CineBeam :
LG CineBeam on Amazon :
Official LG CineBeam Instagram :
LG SK10Y Soundbar:

Slap Stapler:
Carpet Knife:
Track Saw:
Simple Finish:
Drywall Sander:

Coffee Table:

Written Article coming soon:
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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery

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7:20 "HOLLY COW DO YOU SEE HOW BIG THIS IS" that's the most scripted thing I've ever heard
D hilton
I hate that I can only click the like button once...sooo. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like. Like!!!!!
owen rapson
In England we would just plaster the whole room using Gypsum plaster 😂😂😂
Preston Smith
Random question lol what shoes are you wearing??
Dude has a different pair of shoes on every 5 minutes
Tayo Mayo
and please dont ever do any drywall taping or mudding again...that was disastrous
Tayo Mayo
you found the 2 worst drywallers on earth lol
Harsh Patel
that is a terrible sofa for movie watching purposes
Jacob Austin
Tone down on the excitement. Also stop over doing the sell. You’re like a small dog.
Dhanis Stenisles
Carpet needs to use gum omg
M Faub
I can’t believe all the heavy work was outsourced..... diy my ass.... anyone can paint a wall and place carpet. The professionals did the “DIY”
Chris Wilson
Hey Mike, just an FYI, I work for a major home improvement retailer and we had very similar LED outlet covers that were recalled a few months back. Just a heads up in the event that you wanted to check on yours.
1ST General
That's one way to get your kid out of the basement but now he's in the attic
Oh no, they stacked the drywall panels 🤦🏽‍♂️
Mountain Mischief
Looks good but so many things done wrong 😂😂😂
Madeleine K
I’d buy that projecter buuut- that’s 2000 dollars
Tabletop Sound Design
Literally every drywall that was hung with nails FFS, in this vid will slip, Including the drywall over head. Not only that, but due to NO FUCKING VENTILATION in that room, the drywall will be at the mercy of moisture which induces expansion and shrinkage so the drywall will crack and fall off. He's also filled the room with speakers that produce soundwaves that produce physical vibrations that bounce of walls, disturbing the drywall that was hung with nails.

This guy is a prize prick. And a dangerous one.
Tabletop Sound Design
DAD: This film really takes my breath away.
SON: Yeah, 'bout dat...
Tabletop Sound Design
Also, please put rubber mats discretely under the length of the sound bar. It's wood with nails in and it will vibrate horribly.
Tabletop Sound Design
Please please please put up some sound boards to suck up the noise reflections from your smooth walls.
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$12,000 HOUSE - One Man Renovation DIY ATTIC TO 4K HOME THEATER RENOVATION 2 days ago   10:05

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