Brexit: why economists think UK will What does a 'Norway Plus' 2 days ago   03:33

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FT economics editor Chris Giles explains the assumptions behind post-Brexit scenarios from the UK government and Bank of England suggesting citizens will be thousands of pounds worse off than if the UK had stayed in the EU.

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john ryan
You are talking your usual bollocks again Chris, You're really worried about your billionaire mates losing their grip on the tax paying British slaves aren't you? Gotta keep the Brit plebs down in their EU places eh Chris?
Brexit is good, UK won't be any poorer if they were to stay
Sea shadowbanned N.Christopher
Kevin Allsop
Tell me how many of these "experts" saw the 2008 banking crash coming.............................. er none.
How many of these experts were right about 500,000 unemployed, run on the pound, emergency budget after a LEAVE vote none.

Economics is an educated guess carried out to two decimal places, then a wetted finger to the wind, political shenanigans and a pee in the dark.

If they are that clever why arn't all economists billionaires?
Pretty sure the job of an economist can be entirely carried out with a modern computer or calculator. This guys days are numbered along with his eyesight and sperm count.
ian wright
As no one knows what the Government will do after Brexit predicting the future is effectively impossible or at best a guess....Say we set coporation tax at zero to attract foreign investment...what would that do to the guesses...In fact what are the guesses based on? In my experience the record of the 'experts' at predicting the future are nearly always wrong...
Mark Cooper
WTO only way
steven oliver
I'm happy to be educated and I'm sorry if I'm miles off but..the open free market where the government does not have control of bailing out businesses on tax payers money is a good thing? The best prevail it's fair.
Jimmy Twigg
Absolute bollocks.
Ronnie G
EU migrants work and pay taxes - good. So import thousands of African/middle eastern/Pakistani Muslims who dont, just to balance things up!
Ronnie G
Brexit is about more than money!
Bruce Maclennan
Now can the 'experts' please tell us how we would fare if we stay in the disintegrating E.U?
Anglo McWhitey
How are we supposed to trust the 'experts' when they have just about got EVERYTHING wrong with their predictions? If we didn't adopt the euro there would be economic armageddon. Just by voting to leave their would be economic catastrophe and they said that foreign investment would plummet after voting leave, when in fact, since the referendum the UK has received the most foreign investment in the whole of europe since the referendum, receiving more than France and Germany COMBINED. 'Experts' my arse!
keith higgins
People don't believe the politicians anymore.many communities are so much worse off than they were 20yrs ago.immigrants supposedly are good for the public purse what about the local communities were they don't spend because so many send money back to their own countries.not so good is it.different governments have let the housing go to pot.landlords run their hands in happiness at the shortage of accommodation being able to hike rents.not good for local residents.local schools, doctors, hospitals nursery places are struggling because both labour and conservative never invested.not good for local people.before you invite millions of people through open borders get the infrastructure right first.and then the idiot experts wonder why we the stupid northern people voted leave.
Did the EU pay them to say it?
Pickle Onions
Are they EU economists cause if they are I'd like to ask them about the unemployment rate in Europe
Just leave already. The EU wants a good laugh at a terrible mistake.
Marcus Payne
So what? You lot have no idea and are guessing
Dogs Nuts
So, to sum up. There's a chance that it won't be as catastrophic as some sources say, but I don't know either so it might be a whole lot worse. Brilliant
Samir Ali
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What does a 'Norway Plus' Brexit: why economists think UK will 2 days ago   06:21

Much has been said about "Norway Plus" - a free trade area inside the EU single market, with a customs arrangement with the EU added on - as an alternative to Theresa May's Brexit plan.


Michael Gove calls it better than EU membership, though worse than the current deal. The DUP say they'd consider it, the SNP back it as a compromise. But the Prime Minister of Norway says: Why should you leave the EU if you're accepting a Norway deal? We crossed the North Sea to find out how it might work here in the UK.


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