walking with Steve B. Walking Around Havana, Cuba 1 day ago   13:24

keezi walks
this a cooperation with a good friend of me

"I don’t make music to make you happy. I ask my computer to make music to make you happy." -- Steve Baughman



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باسل سوريا سوريا
متى سوف تزور مدينة بغداد استطيع اوجه اليك دعوة و استضافتك
When you want to visit Baghdad I can call you and 🙋clean you
emil ezra
The city of tombs.
I was hoping to get a glimpse of Evita's tomb but I don't see it.
Shirley Mason
Waste of real estate.
Gene Pressley
Hi, what is this place?
Allouche Wassim
west is holding a gun to my head and making me do this. wwhats that
keezi go to Liechtenstein Vaduz , bro !
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Walking Around Havana, Cuba walking with Steve B. 1 day ago   09:57

Walking Around Havana, Cuba (3/3) Dec 2016

I stayed in Cuba for 3 days using the legal reason of journalism.
Here is about 10 minutes of video. I have at least 2 more hours of video that I will upload. Subscribe to see my future videos.

Me alojé en Cuba por 3 días usando la razón legal del periodismo.
Aquí hay unos 10 minutos de video. Tengo al menos 2 horas más de video que subiré. Suscríbete para ver mis futuros videos.

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Microphone is a DJI microphone.