Latest Qanon Posts 12-5-18 Fact Check: Is It Happening And What 6 months ago   10:21

Stroppy Me
A review of today’s posts by Qanon and/or Internet news and views relevant to ‘draining the swamp’
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Gonzo Kaporal
The word probability means something else than what you believe.
You need to have serious cognitive dysfunction to believe such utter nonsense.
C Jo212
lol. it's easier to fool people then tell them they've been fooled.
Mike R
Are you people brain dead? Let me get this straight..... So you're telling me that destroying a three star general, bankrupting him, convicting him of a felony was part of "The Plan"? And now he's 'safe'? What the actual fuck kind of a 'plan' is that?
UT is the US state, Utah. There is a significant NSA installation there.
You always point me to the most interesting threads or reads. Always expanding my awareness. Thank you so much. Touching on the 11/11 wave (which gave me the chills without the bumps, weird but interesting feeling) and the IntheMatrix DNA thread (which you probably pointed to me back in June, but reading it again was a good thing.)
Chris Jackson
Donna O'Laughlin
I starting to believe Trump is one of them.
Best damn soap opera in the world! Always leaves you hanging and wanting more.👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️💪🏻🖖🏻❄️❄️❄️🐾🐾
Pamela Piccinini
Stroppy you watched matrix and war drummer God bless I'm so awake right now weg1wga
Cat Reinhart
Bush died on 11/23
Hunter Ofbirds
If we needed further proof that the Senate is the key, look at the statement from former Democratic congressman John Dingell yesterday. He stated we need to abolish the Electoral College and the Senate. He said they give too much representation to rural areas. He held a seat for Michigan for 60 years and now his wife holds that seat. This is how the DS wants to marginalize us. He also said everyone should be automatically registered to vote at 18 with no voter id and no residency requirements. Nice way to steal a country from it's citizens. Oh and he made sure to get a dig in about all of us conspiracy nuts getting a voice and that's what's wrong with us having the E.C. and Senate. Know your enemy folks!
jodie Turner
Check out "Military tribunals to begin in January"
Hey 👋 Stroppy ♥️♥️
Cat Reinhart
People want us to watch that but I don't have tweeter can some one post it on you tub
Cat Reinhart
Well ask Q where are all the murdered bodies from the California fires that we know cloaked ships where seen sending down beams of fire where are they are the families are worried scared and tired maybe you can help find those bodies Q
Lorri Yoder
The Matrix did a 2 hr. Special last night with The War Drummer fascinating! On YouTube. A must see for everyone.
Dog World
Michael Horowitz is not going to refer any swamp cases over to the FBI for prosecution, I’m afraid.
Bob H
Postponed again im really thinking we're all being played always another postponment as ALWAYS nothing happens I hate that it's got to this with me but it is what it is
Catherine McCandless
geeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Trump at the funeral like a damn den of snakes. why is bush always handing mike obama something, favorite Tranny.
Catherine McCandless
satanic bloodlines for sure from long ago.
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Fact Check: Is It Happening And What Latest Qanon Posts 12-5-18 6 months ago   09:35

Things are happening. But is it THE happening?


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