Platypus & Farewell Girlfriend, Tidbinbilla UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE TRAVEL 1 day ago   10:27

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Real Platypus & farewell girlfriend. The Sanctuary, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Australia Vlog 75.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.
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hilariouslyfunny 01
Great respect to you on that aspect.. Sound just like me ""camera shy""when I was 16yo,until I meet a Japanese friend name Sachiko.Believed me she was no camera shy..Great video as usual ...TC
wow , You were very lucky to get that platypus shot, are you and your gf still together?
Alan Neri
She's pretty.
Pinoy Daddy
So, this explains everything.. on how you loved Philippines so much. 😉
Ronnie Rodrigue
when you going back to the phil we never see sez anymore
Gordon French
Good vid. Be sad to see her go. She certainly is Filipina, with a Thai personality :)
Lee McCoubrey
Thanks we don't have that one here in the Philippines or in my State of Maine in the USA
Very cute mad respect to you both be safe enjoy your life and adventures.
Most filipinas that doesn't want their pictures taken is because it might be misconstrued that she is seeing someone seriously or she is seeing someone and it'll cause a rift or her parents will question her.
I think your girlfriend is with an Indo girl in a previous video
nice vidio and your both
Chuck Wow
B....she is absolutely adorable.....🤙🏻 When are you headed back on adventures outside Australia??
Jose Rizalino
That was sooo cute
u wear red coz u is stud muffin.
Vince Crue
Hey B how many gf you have lol
Jeroen Deschryver
Maybe the perfect excuse to make a Thailand season 2 ;-)
Lee McCoubrey
Nice video, she is cute. I have ask the snake warning sign what kind of snake was that?
michael j
Wishing here good luck in her studies and work , it's a great shame for you . Nice vlog as always
Kriss Bartlett
ohh she is so cute to
Ivan Snz
man the shirt intro is hilarious hahaa
Charles Griffith
She comin bak to aus?
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UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE TRAVEL Platypus & Farewell Girlfriend, Tidbinbilla 1 day ago   10:32

We were so excited about coming to Singapore and visiting Universal Studio. We went many times to Disneyland in Paris and since then we are way too in love with rollercoasters. Trying all the attractions like Lost Worl - Jurassic Park, Shrek, Battlestar Galactica, Cylon etc. was really amazing! It's very easy to come to Universal studio by MRT. It's on Sentosa Island where you have to take shuttle train. Easy peasy!

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