Katie Brennan answers questions 5 months ago   10:19

Katie Brennan, the official in Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration who accused a fellow former staffer of rape, told state lawmakers in dramatic testimony Tuesday that the progressive administration she hoped would protect her did nothing until her allegations threatened the governor.

Loretta Weinberg asks Katie Brennan a set of questions following her opening testimony.

Full story: http://nj-ne.ws/TvK5Bo7

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lay down with dogs and what happens...? this includes your so-called friends.
American Patriot
Hey democrats... women have to be believed!!!
This typical of how things work when working for the State of New Jersey.They hammer the rank and file yet when someone in a high position abuses power or violates personal conduct standards they protect their own and look the other way.I have been there , seen it and lived through it.When you report these things nothing happens .
Dean Rose
I have no idea who this is but she is answering questions looking down a lot.
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Katie Brennan answers questions 5 months ago   11:02