First lady Melania Trump 'Extra' with Donald Trump 1 day ago   10:54

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The first lady told ABC News' Tom Llamas that she disagreed with the policy of separating families and told her husband. "I said to him that I feel that's unacceptable. And he felt the same."

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2.38, the slanderer contradicts itself when it tried to slander Martha Washington. Martha Washington was a Military wife married to an upstanding 5 Star General and one of the few 5 Star Generals in the history of America- George Washington. The hypocrisy of Melania’s haters. Does anybody else notice that most of Melania’s haters are uncouth, unattractive women?
Jasmine Love
Trump 2020 and 4ever🌸love melania
Judy Everist
Was she born here or did
She come here from another
Judy everist
Looking at Melania is so depressing. This country has had first ladies who actually knew things. Here is a woman who married for money and knows NOTHING and has never done ANYTHING. What could you possibly have a conversation with her about. What her favorite shade of lip stick is?! Huge sigh.
Andrea Wilkerson
Trump's not a bully. He's just brutally honest. Deal with it.
Andrea Wilkerson
Cokie Dopey dumbass Roberts. What a slime ball.
David Gillstone
This isn't a interview, its a requisition!
V Wilt
I believe they're both adults, these two adults can decide what they are willing to or not willing to share within the White House, in regards to all the children, and most importantly her marriage. You chase them all down like you're the Rabid wolf looking for the cat to eat. Why don't y'all leave them alone mind your own damn business
John W
She looked hot in her lesbian porn pictures, of course she was younger and naked then, too bad she became a gold digger and got hooked up with Trump and his fools gold
truth seeker
The President doesn't cyber-bully. He calls people out and it's BRILLIANT. I love his tweets. Let's face it, he calls scum, scum and that's awesome.
Galimir Nund
Imagine your husband says he has sex in common with his daugther.. this family is sick
Sarah Kittrell
I’m done watching you. Give it a rest.
Ruth Nisley
A absolute wonderful Lady.
Carolyn Tierney
Melania, let's get real. Your English needs work. If you can't afford English lessons, I know for a fact that almost every public library in the US offers free English classes for speakers of other languages (ESOL), free tutors, and low cost support services (such as free classrooms, free study rooms, super cheap computers and copy services), not to mention a wonderful array of books. I know this for a fact, as I am one of the volunteers that tries to help immigrants become assimilated into US culture. Please take advantage of these services
Briar Geary
It’s not irony considering trump doesn’t bully kids he “bullies” grown adults.
Pinguino Penguin
She is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Wagner T.
Her first solo trip , looks more like her first presidential foto shoot.
Sam Millar
She is the hottest first lady in history.
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'Extra' with Donald Trump First lady Melania Trump 1 day ago   02:09

Just in time for his inauguration on Friday, “Extra” is taking a trip down memory lane with President-elect Donald Trump.

“Extra” has been following Trump for decades, capturing many moments on camera, including his time with the Miss Universe organization, and his family.

Back in 2010, Trump hinted that he would go into politics, saying, "I am seriously considering running… our country is being ridiculed all over the world.”