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Cifer Null
Makes you feel dumb about making all these "thanos is indestructible" theories when you can just lop his head off. :3
luis fanor maturana arias
Importante Sub Títulos en Español.
And then Ant-Man say "you won't hear me...coming."
Andrew Bartlett
Wrong time to sit on the throne 😂
Jug Head
Thass sounds right
Roy Azzurah
Meizar Farizky
"I'm going inside you."
-- Paul Rudd to RDJ
Tasha S
Paul Rudd does not age at all and he's 50.
lord voldemort
Honestly, if they ask him about this another time, i'd die of second hand embarrassment.
me carou
Brasil, dessa vez nós fomos beeeem longe
Paul Rudd acting like he didn’t try and make that idea a reality first.
Shane Flynn
in a certain... "orifice" 😂
Akhil Kalaga
" You should really just..YEAH " 😂😂😂
Feliks Christono Sehan
it more epic by the way...since the key word as "Whatever it takes" to defeat Thanos
Raul Lopez
If they made a marvel joke about this in the end credits scene, that would the greatest thing ever.
jose rizal
Rear END Game
Gamer 4 life
Ant-Man does the “Thanus”
Thanos:You should’ve gone for the head...seriously it would’ve been a lot better idea.
Epic Kevster
The look on Paul's face is hilarious!
Majiin Bewbs
It’s not about *easiness* ,it’s about sending a *message*
At this point I'm at least expecting a reference or a quirky line mentioning this strategy in the movie.
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Graham Norton LOVES Tom Hiddleston Paul Rudd Comments On Ant-Man 1 day ago   10:01

A supercut of all the wonderful moments Tom Hiddleston has had on the red sofa.
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