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Sustainable development has been the red line in Kitty van der Heijdens'carreer. After working for the UN, she is now director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassador for sustainable development. She will represent the Netherlands in the upcoming Rio plus 20 earth Summit in June 2012. An international conference organised by the UN 20 years after the first UN conference on sustainable development in Rio. At TEDxHaarlem Kitty van der Heijden will take us on a journey through international sustainable development conferences.

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Zen Rma
Not so much of a public speaker, she's trying so hard 😛
Rogue Republican
Oh the communist agenda nice
Andrew Garcio
It is nothing less than Authoritarian Communism. The goal is total control over all land, all resources and all human beings under the guise of necessity (for our very survival as a species). It is controlling societies by fear mongering. "Sustainable Development" is artificial scarcity under the guise of conservation. Sustainable Development is an oxymoron, because it is totally unsustainable and does nothing to save the environment, but everything to reduce the political power of the middle class. Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. But you can't pay those serfs to fight and die for you while you sip brandy in your mansion, without money. Meaning if you reduce the middle class to working class taxpaying slaves, you abolish their political power. You ban guns, so the financial elite can never be challenged. And you create the economic conditions where the masses cannot afford to buy a gun while it is still lawful to do so. It is social engineering under the Hegelian Dialectic. And those who have forgotten the history of Communism (and Fascism), are doomed to repeat it. Why would $Billionaire bankers, industrialists, and oil tycoons who got wealthy beyond measure, propose a comprehensive plan (Agenda 21) to stifle clean energy, environmental innovation, and all the positive results that occurred without "sustainable" regulations and carbon taxes?  Answer:  Because it has absolutely nothing to do with saving the environment. It is a plan for One World Global [communist] Government usurping the constitutional and human rights of people, and sovereignty of nations. It would ensure the total unlimited wealth and political power of their lineage in perpetuity/futurity.
Mike Franz
The population must be controllably and naturally reduced by a factor of 3-4 in a few generations.
Consumption must be cut: in US, Canada, Australia by 30 times; in EU, India and China by 20times.
If we don't do that by selves, wars and calamities will do it for us. We can't rely on technology and R&D.
It's that simple.
People of all levels of affluence and wealth are incapable to absorb this simple truth to the actionable degree of emotional intensity.
And the richer people are, the more cancerous to Earth they become.
We are doomed.
Tadesse H
TED has many think thank thinking globally. Thanks TED..
Smythe Smiter
neil molesworth
how old,no way ....looking good Kitty,xx
Dusty Stahn
You make a lot of  claims but produce no evidence to back them up. You claim to stop eating beef will reduce the water consumed. Yet you forget to mention that growing lettuce and other vegetables in the desert has almost drained the aquifers and the mighty Colorado River. How convenient that is. Maybe we should stop eat lettuce and veggies too.

You forgot to mention how WHO recommended meat intake going to solve 20 to 30 percent of the climate change problem. Would the animals be used to help restore more grasslands to sequester CO2 like they are doing successfully in many places. 

You didn't mention that the water the animals drink is pissed out and is returned to the soil and does not change the water supply or that it fertilizes the land. Growing lettuce or other crops in that moist soil along with the manure would eliminate the synthetic NPK fertilizer needed and be a lot better for the ecosystem and that much less water would have to be drained from the aquifers or rivers. But we must not do that because it would cut the chemical companies' profits even though their fertilizers are a big part of the problem.

Reforestation can help sequester CO2 but grasslands which is a mix of grasses and herbs can do it faster and covers the ground  in weeks preventing erosion and increases the water holding ability of the soil. This is because there is more green growth in the early years.

If you are referring to governments and the UN, as leaders they not leaders. They are dictators. Leaders do things and other people see the benefits and willingly follow. Dictators give orders backed by force and threats.
Jokotade Arinola king
what is the benefit of stakeholders from planning sustainable development from government to nation, regional and to local levels
Mykill Mielia
Yasira Osiris
Agenda 21 = Trojan horse of the illuminati to introduce their New World Order= CORPORATE FACISM to enslave humanity REAL ENVIROMENTAL SOLUTIONS= resource economy look at the Venus project, UBUNTU PARTY Michael Tellinger, Ecovillages and transition towns
B Randell
Shut up already. Some good ideas- but learn to give a speech while touting your agenda
Philemon Joseph
New thinking will be required to achieve the SDGs.
Achieving the SDGs requires the partnership of governments, private sector, civil society and citizens alike to make sure we leave a better planet for future generations. Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. New thinking and collaborative actions will be high required to achieve the SDGs.
Philemon Joseph CSR Strategy Consultant.( SDG Fundraising Consultancy)
If you keep on asking what caused this problem you will always end up with money problem. A tree is worth lot more when it is not standing, why, because of money. You stopped at Hippo, why not still ask why, and you will find money. So money is the root cause of all problems, yet we do not need money to run an economy. The present economy can be maintained in the exact same way without an kind of money. So get rid of money and create money-less economy (MLE). MLE will solve all problems you have mentioned and yet will give us the lifestyle you want. Under MLE we all work free and get everything free. Since nobody wants to horde free things, all resources will become abundant, and sustainability issue will vanish along with pollution. Take a look at the MLE chapter in the free book at -
Mulan 121
The comments filled with idiots as per usual. Rather than take a good hard look at yourselves you talk about conspiracy theories and blame governments. Why don't you take your head out of your asses and start being more responsible. All these "new world order" fairytales you people keep crying about, but all you're doing is feeding the beast. Take care of yourself and the planet and stop whining about governments trying to control you, while still so dependant of them that if shit was to go down you would be helplessly sitting in your cellar waiting for someone to come and save you. Grow up and take some responsibility. The world doesn't revolve around you! Take some responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others.
Gourab Barman
in a developing country, rarely 1% people are care about the environment, i.e., they are care about future and efficient use of resources, protecting environment.
rest are care about the price and how do they live more luxurious lifestyle.
I don't really like this woman, she seems uncongeniable and way to agressive to me. But her way of presenting doesn't influence the facts she is facing us with. What's your problem with sustainable developement, people? There needs to be a change, in this point she is right. I'd like to hear what the matter is from somebody who disagrees.
neyab wisdom
7 450 000 000 people in 2016 ... 1 000 000 000 every decade. That's it !!!
Female think twice before multiplying.
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Why China Redefines Sustainability | Richard Sustainable development: what, where 2 days ago   16:49

China has been redefining itself. The economy’s changing, the expectations are changing, and how people move around is changing. There’s an economic value to the resource. There’s an economic value to being sustainable in China that doesn’t exist in other places. It’s not about governments saving us and telling us what to do. It’s about the entrepreneurial spirit being innovative. Currently, as the Managing Director of Collective Responsibility, Founder and Executive Volunteer of HandsOn Chin a and a Visiting Progessor of Sustainability at the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). Having lived in China for 15 years, Richard has a lot to say about his observation about the energy movement system and innovations in sustainability area. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at