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Ashley Sabin
It's hard to say who is the stranger creature in this existential tragicomedy the unusually large and brilliantly feathered Ivory-Billed Woodpecker or Johnny Neander, the amateur poet who has made it his mission to track down the long-thought-extinct bird in the swamps of Eastern Arkansas. Unlike the countless fanatics that descended upon the area after the Ivory-Billed was allegedly spotted, Johnnys search seems to be much more personal and perverse, despite the fact that he really has no idea how to go about it.

A hilarious and often poignant portrait of a man lost in the world and his own skin, Woodpecker features the dark brilliance of Jon e. Hyrns (star of the celebrated documentary Johnny Berlin) and a soundtrack with original contributions from Colin Greenwood of Radiohead. Much like the bird itself, the film explores the intersection of fact and fiction, resulting in a hybridized and quixotic journey embracing hope, perception, and some very very strange birds.

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