Finnegan's Garage Ep.67: Did I Just Bitchin Rides S05E14 The Bitchin 1 day ago   24:16

Finnegan's Garage
I'm gonna drive my 1967 Chevy C10 this summer. That's my goal. Before I can proceed with the remaining fabrication projects on this truck, though, I need to nail the wheel and tire fitment. In this episode I work with 2 U Tires to find find the perfect wheel and tire combination for my truck and show you how to fit the widest wheels and tires possible on your lowered car or truck.
The key is a tool called the Gryp-R. It's a fixture that bolts onto the hub of your ride and holds nearly any tire in place so that you can check the fitment before you spend your hard-earned cash on the wrong set of wheels and tires. It's easy to use and as you'll see in this video you can get all the critical measurements done in a matter of minutes.

I ended up stuffing the widest tires I've ever seen on the front of a lowered Chevy C10; I ordered a set of 295/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires from Summit Racing and then had Forgeline build a set of GA3R wheels in 20x10.5 size with 4-inches of backspacing. The wheels have Forgeline's optional "open lug" design and are extremely light.

You can find the tires here:

And the You can check out the wheels here:

For more information and a DISCOUNT on this tool or Scott Blair's mobile tire installation service visit this link:

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5.7 Chevy
I can't wait to see a video of this thing cruising down the road or even running for that matter
WOW . Its so nice to see you in you tube man!MY FAVORITE TRUCK C10.. AWESOME!!!!
Those rims tho! SIC...
Riku Koivisto
What is the point..? 😅 stupid looking car, but it is obviously not mine. 😄 If you're happy, we all should..
Colton Thompson
We need to see more of this truck
Kevin Mummert
Can't get the link for Scott Blair to work
Jim Crow
Love the videos! Been Binge watching all the roadkill episodes
On a episode where you still had a soul patch goatee thing. Lmmfao
John Alexander
The C10 is going to look sweet when it’s done! I should do this to my 86 C10!
You haven't done an update on your wife's El in a long time. How is that driving?
Kristen Schepp
That truck is mint as friburger would say
Michael C
I don't think I've ever used a torque wrench on lug nuts in my life.
But watching him drive those lugs home with an impact on THOSE wheels... It hurt my soul
Curtis Newton
right, now why this retard obsession of "lying on the ground" crap ???
Klaus Klausewitz
These wheels are sexy af!
Jeff Gogo
I wish I could watch but the squeaking is driving me nuts.
20s are still too big, just my opinion though.
michael s. clark
Dayton wire rims deep dish🤔
Michael Couey
Fin says "about $250 for the Grypr" so I figure with as many projects as I have, I'll see about picking one up. Go to the link above, dead link. Go to the website.... $425-$800. Well, nevermind then.
That Gryp-R is ingenious! Every tire shop that sells wheels should have one. Instead of dicking around with tape measures and spacers.
Nate G
A on board mic will help with better audio
Rodney Merritts
Mark Bovey fit 335s on the front of his
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Bitchin Rides S05E14 The Bitchin Finnegan's Garage Ep.67: Did I Just 1 day ago   43:36

The 1967 Coronet build continues as the metal work comes to an end and the car moves into the paint booth. Vinnie wanted to go all out on this build and Dave has done some of his most innovative design work to date.

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