Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing Sacha Baron Cohen On What 1 day ago   13:11

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Bohemian Rhapsody won the Oscar for Best Editing... but it has terrible editing.

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I heard the living band members wanted the same amount of time on screen, that might explain it.
I objectively think this is a terrible movie
Would have worked a lot better if they would have stuck to switching between shots of John reed and all of Queen after he sat down and only singling one of them out if absolutely necessary
God bless you for making this video. The minute I saw this film I thought the editing made me wanna kill myself
An Englishman In San Diego
This film wad edited by John Ottman. That man is, in my opinion, a genius - a man who can spin several plates at once and behind some of my favourite films, especially in editing. So what happened?? I remember the interview where he talked about being pulled in all directions by Tom Cruise and Bryan Singer AND the producer when editing the similarly messy VALKYRIE. Is BORHAP another example of Ottman who can be distracted by external forces?
I still quite enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody but I do agree that they should time the usage of their editing better, and if they placed the events within the movies accurately with what happened in real life the movie would have gotten a lot better, but sadly that didn’t happen.
I was so focused on that Jurassic park white jacket Freddy was wearing, I didn’t notice..
A really bad movie overall.
Kurt Tomlinson | Compositions
That's nothing compared to the editing in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.
Timothy Risby
I really disliked the pace of the movie, but thought mostly of it as "rushed" because they had to span the entire life of the bands founding to Freddies passing in "just 2ish hours" - and couldn't grasp for me even the nomination. And looking at this, makes me realize even the scenes editering is bad. What a shit show of a movie. It was DECENT, no Oscar worthy movie at all.
Flibba Flabba
Less cuts=cooler cinematography, thats why the casino fight scene in black panther is so cool, it's all one panning shot.
Pauline Faith
I'll show this to my boyfriend if he ever says I make things complicated
I think it was to keep the attention of a youth whose ever dwindling attention span has them struggling through a simply dialogue driven scene
Doctor Body Hammer
People who vote for the oscars are idiots. They'll vote their favourite movie regardless of category.
Danilo Gruban
Imagine sitting at a table and pushing your face into a different person's head every 1.8 seconds.
Big Queen fan..but this movie sucked.
Marius Grosjean
Judging a 2 hours 13 min movie on a 60 sec. The tree is hiding the forest apparently
What a great analysis Thomas, for people that doesn't know filming. Please talk about Roma and why is it so great. Is it right?
I absolutely enjoyed this movie very much, but I think they got too much Oscars. It was a nice way to get to know the music of Queen once again (I hadn't listened to their music for ages) and all the actors surely did a fine job (they surely looked a lot like the real band). It was very entertaining and it simply is a good story, but there was nothing that really blew me away. They should have only gotten an Oscar for best sound imo.
Mishal Zee
The cuts were really annoying throughout the film, told myself it was what the academy deemed great
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Sacha Baron Cohen On What Bohemian Rhapsody's Terrible Editing 1 day ago   01:56

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