Theresa May is about to make a statement Education Secretary Damian Hinds 1 day ago   03:13

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Very soon May will be summoned to Berlin to be awarded by Merkal aka (Hittler's Daughter) A pair of Jack Boots, a Black Fascist Shirt, The Iron Cross (First Class) and the keys to a Tiger Tank.
shaun muppet finder
A translation of Mays speech into English . '' I'm a lying weak fuckwit and having fucked up i'm going to fuck up evenbigger time now by asking my Honourable Friend ( translation- lying , traitorous arse-wipe ) Corbyn to slap me round and impose his big 'keep us in Customs Union ' on me . Thank you .''
Roving Roller
The conservatives have reached tipping point now. Restore democracy and deliver WTO, get her out along with Hammond who have together broken our country or as a party you are ended. We cant wait more than 24 hours now so grow a spine.
Gary Holt
Oh my gosh, where do I start?? No deal is better than a bad deal. Theresa May’s own quote. Well you couldn’t get a worse deal than what is on offer. Theresa May was offered a Canada style free trade agreement but declined it thinking a negotiated deal would be better. Brexit would have been delivered by now had she taken that offer. Then there is the Article 24 of the WTO GATT Treaty that hasn’t even been looked at. When you trust a remainer to deliver a leavers Brexit, this is who you get.
she will never ever deliver brexit if only in name she is nothing but a conservative liar as they all are
Dylan Jones
Vote the lot of them out ffs
Disavowal F
Only three years too fucking late...fucking useless crone!!!
Peregrine Slim
Corbyn is always the answer. It just took May a long while to acknowledge it.
Theodore Smith
Banana republic. May looks like chamberlain with his piece of paper.
Brian V Vatcher
Pinochio May I think she is dying to give the EU that 69 Billion. her nose gets longer all the time she is trying to fool us with, the Pie in the sky. Three years, if it had been done Correctly. we would be Billions better off and those that matter would be Happier, The Whole thing stinks to High Heaven. !!!!!!!!!!
Rupert Dillion
I've just come from waisting 7 hours and all I've come up with is a extension. Wtf Worst PM ever.
Mats Airey
Resign now!!! You’re no friend of the people who voted to leave the EU. You are doing damage to your party and your country. Leave!!
TheMadScotsman mckay
Extension after extension after extension ........ to break this farce, we REALLY NEED for at least ONE of the other E27 countries to REFUSE any more extensions, then we can end this fucking circus that's made the UK the laughing-stock of the political world ........ NO DEAL, trade under NWO Rules ........ tell Brussels to go and FUCK themselves ......... what we should've done right from the fucking start.
Roy Rj
If we wanted Corbyns input we'd have voted for him....thank god we didn't. ..
Roy Rj
May has struck a secret deal that will keep the UK in the EU, but prevent the UK public from voting the morons in Brussels out of office in the European Elections.

Its as plain as the nose on her face.
Paul Smith
This treasonous bitch wants a further delay so that she can try and persuade Corbyn to back her faux Brexit in name only deal.. worse still, if she fails she's committed to accept whatever our 70% remainer parliament decide as binding. WTO and an independent UK died tonight, along with the Conservative Party.
John Bradley
What we really need to focus on is our future relationship with the rest of the world you complete and utter idiot.
Never been so embarrassed to be British. May is giving that Marxist, terrorist-supporting, Steptoe wannabe a part in the decision making for our future. I voted to leave and now this Remainer has shown her true colours. I tried so very hard to give her the benefit of the doubt, but for God’s sake woman, GO,
Interdimentional Wizard Wiz
She is working for the EU.
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Education Secretary Damian Hinds Theresa May is about to make a statement 1 day ago   11:13

Education Secretary Damian Hinds MP tells Good Morning Britain that he would rather continue to back the PM's Brexit deal than have a second referendum despite voting Remain in 2016. Theresa May has ten days to pass a deal through parliament with a majority or the UK risks leaving the European Union with no deal.
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Broadcast on 02/04/2019

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