We FINALLY Got A Lift For The Shop! HOW did he not FLIP OVER?! | TX2K19 Day 4 2 days ago   18:51

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Comments 1103 Comments

Adrian Garcia
U guys should just build couple rooms n freakin live der y don’t u
Big pops
You should have did the stripe on the wall blue, so it matches the lift
sent HRG shirts
Thomas Watters
If you need someone to torque your bolts down I’m for hire. Also I currently lift big ass airplane wheels and tires for a living so I’m 100% qualified to torque whatever you need. I’m $25 an hour and charge a minimum of 40 hours a week. Or if it’s cheaper for you due to overtime 60k a year salary with fully paid health insurance by employer. 😁. Let me know. Willing to relocate. Jk I’m married but maybe if the wife says okay. 😂
8:55 damn dude... Your hands are SUPER RED...
You must not build cars for a living..............
11:09 ..... holy shit fellas!!! It looks fucking FIRE!!!! Thanks for the awesome content. Ive been a sub for a long time, and have been critical at times but thank you for keeping up the good work!!!
Pharaoh on LFS
7:20 jfc lol
Alexandru Muresan
Is anyone gonna talk about the top corner of the wall not being painted like the rest of the wall lmao
travis loftis
Wish yall fix my accord
Mayra Torres
It looks like a Toyota dealerships
Don’t raise those cars too high on that lift!.... don’t forget the limit switches
Allan Henderson
Can crusher is sick
brad g
You need to epoxy the floor. It'll make a difference equivalent to the paint on the walls.
George Zimmerman
Pedro needs a new dental plan. His teeth looks like jaws.
randall jr Benoit
I agree i concur the valve & or also crank flex!
K sweeney
The overspray is real. Haha Pedro straight didn't tape or mask anything off. He just sent it lol
James Ireland
Lol funny that people were talking shit about spilling oil and shit on the floor it's a shop. Seems like everyone is worried about making a mess nowadays people are getting soft and whiney. It's a shop very easy to clean up I see people cry over spilling oil in their shop relax little kitty litter she is good lol.
Jayson Fullwood
you should do something about the door
Toad Phillips
Should paint garage door panels.
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HOW did he not FLIP OVER?! | TX2K19 Day 4 We FINALLY Got A Lift For The Shop! 2 days ago   19:12

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