America's Got Talent 2015 S10E03 Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish 2 months ago   07:17

Anthony Ying
Thirteen-year-old mariachi singer Alondra Santos owns the stage with a powerful performance.

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Grace Kingsley
African-Mexican? To those arguing pro and against, here are some facts... There are plenty of black Mexicans in Mexico. And plenty of native Mexicans (Indios) of dark skin color. Especially in Southern Mexico. No one calls them Africans though. They are called Mejicano (Mexican). And when someone refers to the darker Mexicans as black(or of darker skin color), more often than not is done in endearing terms like, Negrita, Morena, Moreno....Never African-Mexican. That's just something people in America would say to claim or demean someone. Even African Americans call themselves "African Americans" Not so in Mexico. They call themselves Mexicans (so do white Mexicans) So, if that girl's grandma appears African, she might or might not be of African heritage, but who gives a rat's ass. If she was born in Mexico, she's Mexican...that's it! Let's not make this girl's brave and beautiful performance a racial debate.
carlos garcia
Que hermoso es cantar musica mexicana
Magdalena Sánchez de la Rocha
El pandejo racista enfermo mental de la izquierda ni aplaudió
dercruise master01
Fantastic such a strong beautiful voice such strength and control wonderful
MythicallTaco Taco
She went from 13 to 26 real quick ❤️❤️ still amazing tho
Paulette Jua
Owsss que linda
Jacqueline Valencia
Tambien llore es un orgullo ser Mexicana TAMO MEXICO mio.
BOHEMIO 142857
Que pendejada. Hablar en inglés y cantar en mexicano. Ni te van a amar los gringos ni los mexicanos. Por tu voz...Excelente
Howard Stern is such an Asshole, always has been always will be.
Leyla PEKİN coloratura soprano
B R A V A A A A ……..
Mauricio Sanchez
Si yo no fuera mexicano igual le daría grasias por tan hermosa cansion ❤️🇲🇽
El maravilloso idioma español, capaz de transmitir tanta emoción
Luz Salgado
mark salas
Horrible. Cometieron un tremendo error en cantar ranchero, a mi me gusta mucho la musica ranchera. Pero esa es musica de mal gusto. a nadie en esa audiencia le gusta esa musica. Que verguenza
lili macias
Se me puso la piel chinita 😨
Hazardwizard L.
Howard seems very subjective, why he try to put the Mexican music down and the girl down.
Hazardwizard L.
Why people from England know so little about Mexico and think so little about Mexico, even Jamie Oliver was a disappointment know so little about Mexican food. People can notice when not so many tourist from England visit Mexico the English jury where the ones didn't stand.
Maria Rodriguez
I’m 18 and I do mariachi and not even I can sing this amazing.
Leonardo Salgado
Jessica Hernandez
Her last name is SANCHEZ not Santos
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Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish America's Got Talent 2015 S10E03 2 months ago   02:30

Alondra Santos sings the Spanish classic "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" by Selena. Check out her grand performance!
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Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish Singer Performs Classic Selena Hit - America's Got Talent 2015

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