America's Got Talent 2015 S10E03 Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish 4 months ago   07:17

Anthony Ying
Thirteen-year-old mariachi singer Alondra Santos owns the stage with a powerful performance.

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Dante Monte
She’s just Excellent! Amazing!
Yelsy Lopez
Yunior Cruz
Nestor Arroyo
Genna L
She's so unbelievably cute! And so talented!
What a beautiful young lady. I have a tear listening to this song.
I've listened to this lady 40times tonight
alma rodriguez
I like watching this video because as a mariachi myself, I love watching how other people represent our beautiful culture
La Charreada:

Ay! que rechula es la fiesta,
la fiesta charra, fiesta del sol.
Donde los charros valientes
dan con su canto la evocación.
El jaripeo es un festejo
que huele a zurco y a tradición.
Remedo de la faéna
mas admirada de mi nacion.

Bonito es el jaripeo y cuanta su animación!
Yo quiero montar un toro para que mire mi amor.
Upa yupa yu! Upa yupa yu!
Yo quiero montar un toro pa' que me mire mi amor.
Konstantin Borus
Soy Russo pero....esta lloviendo in mis ojos. Que linda esta chica! VIva Mexico!
noe rojas c
Aquí les presento un hermosa alma mexicana que canta con el corazón y sentimiento y si es mexicana 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Isabel Morinigo
Que vice Mexico. Estoy orgullosa de mi cultural. Quisiera very mas talento asi. No me gustsa la musica de hoy en dia.
Jesus Ramos
I wish I had a family like her 😢😢 god bless her and her family
Fernanda Rodríguez
¡Ay!, estos pochos 🙄, a ver: NO EXISTE EL MARIACHI STYLE, ni "mariachi music" mi gente🙄, es música RANCHERA o TRADICIONAL MEXICANA; el MARIACHI únicamente se le denomina al grupo musical que entona e interpreta este estilo musical 😑. Los pochos y concepción distorsionada de nuestra cultura🤔
Amanda Lisbôa
Dios Mio, taaaaaaaaaan hermoso!!!!!! Así como México, su gente, cultura, tradiciones!!! Cada día me sorprendo más con esta alma mexicana que tengo!!! Una brasileña con alma mexicana!!!
Wow, i was not expecting that. She has a beautiful strong voice.
Michelle Lopez
Howard Stern is a nit wit
Maggie Blue
Grand!!!! And she's so young!!!!!
Edward Sanchez
She’s awesome!
Melissa Mel Marquez
Goosebumps! Gracias, your powerful and sweet voice are truly beautiful. Saludos preciosa, from a Puerto Rican, and mucho éxito ♥️
Tsar Peter I
I swear my race are morons, every kid to them that sings in a uniform automatically is a good singer which is not the case!
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Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish America's Got Talent 2015 S10E03 4 months ago   02:30

Alondra Santos sings the Spanish classic "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom" by Selena. Check out her grand performance!
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Alondra Santos: 13-Year-Old Spanish Singer Performs Classic Selena Hit - America's Got Talent 2015

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