Chinese firms play key role Why Isn't Oil Helping African Countries? 2 days ago   04:34

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Angola overlooks the Atlantic Ocean on the west, and has a population of more than 24 million. It boasts rich natural resources such as crude oil, natural gas and diamonds. Since the end of Angola's civil war in 2002, there have been huge infrastructure demands for the country's post-war reconstruction. To help meet these needs, China's CITIC Construction company teamed up with 40 other large Chinese enterprises, to build phase one of the Kilamba Kiaxi housing project near Luanda, a project worth over 3.5 billion US dollars. It is one of the largest newly built projects on the African continent, and has been designated a city in its own right.

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David Makai
Wow so wonderful my Angola may God bless you with peace and love for unity, Angola avante!!please go on and build all over the country people suffered a lot now make them feel a reason for a better Angola full of peace and democracy blessed with a good number of precious minerals and oil, frequent rain fall favorable to crops and livestock...May God bless my country of origin...forever in my heart..
Juan Carlos Saavedra
" si quieres un futuro bonito, arrimate a un Chinito "'
Adolfo Formoso
Muito bom!!
Imran Khan
Corrine Tsang
China is rebuilding Angola ,dams,railroad,highways,housing,waste water treatment plants,agriculture (from 10% to 20%)
Kinetic energy
Noah AsmAks
so incredible God bless Chinese unilke American politicians who three just wheat Aid to Africa
Abdulla ALI
Very much more than a million Chinese are selling their fake products and ripping-off Africa and Africans in Africa
Hundreds of millions more of Chinese in China are being enriched and benefiting from these scams
And this is how Africans are being portrayed in Chinese museums, in China
Augusto Mundombe
VIVA CHINA Communist. VIVA Xi Jinping!
Augusto Mundombe
Long live the indisputable and the only true independent powerhouse of mother AFRICA of all levels; My ANGOLA
Westerners will be genuinely more happy, if the Chinese were still starving, and the Africans still lived in mud huts. West is evil, the governments anyway, definitely.
dato tak seri
God bless you the Angolan ppl
Heather Larson
Chinese firms will flood Africa with decently good but very affordable products, not the expensive and luxurious ones of western countries.
Gog & Magog Killah
But that would only work for the Unions and working class and we can't have that
You should not be rebuilding other countries we should be rebuilding the United States of America this shit is ridiculous
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Why Isn't Oil Helping African Countries? Chinese firms play key role 2 days ago   04:59

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