Buying more cheap Waverunners Buying a 10 wheeler dump truck 2 days ago   1:04:13

Andrew Camarata
Buying a broken XL700 and Waverunner 3 fixing them, and riding them.

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Omat Videot
Good video Thanks!
Pwc-doctor Your Personal Watercraft Store
I saw the Wiesco sticker and said this one is messed up lol!
goog le
as soon as I saw that Lab - Subbed...
Юрец Инженер
It's real cool. 👍
Renault 4CV 1960
Nice Dog
oh man hes got jetskis for the whole family and friends now
Nice video.
You have a container fort??? :D
Jay Beegz
Jb Marine weld would be even better for that muffler!
I miss my Lab, he was like that down for anything.
Nick Vlogs
Please check out my golf car wrecked rebuild series, the video linked is the latest episode (painting)
Stacy Durham
Most of known a few welders.. the washer and the bolt don't see much anymore old school..
jds hempfarm
You had me holding my breath and saying please don't snap off a chunk of that aluminum muffler. Do not even want to buy one of those. I also sincerely appreciate you sharing this knowledge. I will be like a boss when I buy one of these "Wave Runners." Are they motorcycle or snowmobile engines, adapted to water cooling exhaust or purpose built for watercraft, from scratch?
Was inspired by your videos and decided to purchase two 90's ski's with a trailer for $450.00. $2,300.00 in parts but the yamaha motors are solid.
corey lee
What brand is that orange ratchet ? I have seen you use it in a few videos I want to buy one for myself ?
all hell put a trolling motor on it LMAO
Hot Rod Pete's Garage
Andrew-- what is Marketplace? If that's a part of Craigslist, I've never seen it. Sounds like its a great place to look for used "stuff," and I'd like to try it.
Pell 557
so great to watch you do your magic .. thanks for sharing
take note all you pansies out there. dont think about it, just do it. thats the wildman camarata way!
how cheap where they????
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Buying a 10 wheeler dump truck Buying more cheap Waverunners 2 days ago   1:05:14

My first experiences with my new 1987 International Paystar 5000 dump truck.

0:00 delivery and first time driving it
3:05 talking about my previous dump trucks
9:34 Talking about the new truck
12:44 First time loading something in the truck
15:57 Delivering 20 yards mulch
20:29 Loading/delivering boulders
22:38 Fixing the throttle linkage
22:50 Tailgating gravel, deliver stone
30:52 Replacing the alternator
43:20 Talking about the cab controls
48:15 Driving in the truck while talking about it, and delivering gravel

Dash cam: