Solar powered solutions to Egypt's A. O. Smith Water Heaters | See How They're 2 days ago   04:48

Egypt's fuel and energy problems are increasing at an alarming rate, but the solution may lie in one the country's most abundant resources - the sun.

With electricity blackouts and fuel shortages becoming all to common, a group of young Egyptians believe the answer is to go green.

Ice Cairo have drawn on the 40 years worth of experience of solar power expert Adel Hanna to develop a low cost solar powered water heater that brings hot water into your home with no electricity - and crucially, no electrical bills.

What's more, they want to spread this knowledge. On what they call 'Solar Hackathons', they teach others how to construct the water heaters - created using local materials at an affordable cost.

At this Hackathon, the Ice Cairo team went to the 'Deep South' camp in Marsa Allam to give a workshop. They hope that having a functioning working model there will encourage other camps and hotels - as well as local bedouins - to make the switch to solar power.

Video by Simon Hanna

With thanks to Ice Cairo:

And Deep South camp, who will be showcasing the solar heater during the '3al Ganoob' festival:


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omar nabat
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
اخواني إذا كان من الممكن أن تخبرنا كيف قمتم بصناعة الخزان وشكرا
afan Omer
الله يوفقكم يارب
S.A. Garth
Solar and cell technology are the only Wise solutions for All of Africa where your obvious source is the Sun ~ Renewable Energy is the only wave to go for the future of Humanity on this Planet ~ All governments need to wake up and focus on Sustainable energy, it will happen ~
همام الهمامي همامي
فكره حلوه بس مو طويلة الامد
كويس كويس ... أخيرا حد بيفهم شوية، مصر فيها واحد من أعلى معدلات الطاقة الشمسية على المتر المربع ولا تزال متخلفة تماما بإستغلال الشمس للتسخين، السخان الشمسي المفروض يكون على كل سطح بيت، بيتعمل وبفعالية ممتازة حتى بأبسط ورشة، إستبدال الأنابيب البلاستيكية بأنابيب حديد أو نحاس بيرفع الكفاءة لدرجة المية تغلي، عقبال مطابخ شمسية وأفران الطوب وحتى صهر الحديد، توليد الكهربا بالبخار وأبراج الطاقة والطاقة الكهربائية المباشرة ... بس قبل كل دول، كل سخان غاز أو كهربا لازم يتعدم وكل بيت يكون عليه سخان شمسي، فرص عمل للحرفيين وطاقة نضيفة وكفاية هدر للكهربا والغاز ... وبلدان عندها شمس أقل من مصر بكتييير بتعتمد على الطاقة الشمسية للتسخين ...
Hesham Nafea
This is hot water not electric solutions :S
in egypt?
these arent solar panels, they are made from cheap materials, no cell technology which makes it even more practical
Mohamed Medhat
تلاقى الناس دى اما قتلوا او اعتقلوا او دفنوا فى عهد السيسى
actually solar panels are pretty expensive, however Egypts Latitude is ideal for them, and since you have a vast desert nothing is going to block the sun at anytime during the day.
dimaggio david

EAWC Technologies was created to respond to the growing need in drinking water and proposes a water purification solution utilizing solar, photovoltaic energy and, when applicable, a mini-windmill or an alternate source of renewable energy. From the sea, lake, river or stagnant, water is passed through several stages of purification and treatment until it is rendered drinkable as per World Health Organization standards. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM
Ihab Gamal
Great job guys
Josephine Winter
best- absolutely genius invention, this has everything - independence, pride, low-cost, invention, creativity, empowerment, equality, green/renewables - hero
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A. O. Smith Water Heaters | See How They're Solar powered solutions to Egypt's 2 days ago   04:54

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