6 in 1 Solar Kit BOAT - Sunny morning What can you run on 100 watts of solar power!!!! 2 days ago   03:10

6 in 1 Solar Kit BOAT - Sunny morning

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Hermit Oldguy
To my mind, there's no need for the prop to be off the back of the boat, and it shouldn't be wider than the boat. It does want to be away from the solar cell, but that could be moved forward, too.
It's got a remarkable turning circle for something with no rudder. Is the reaction force of the motor making the boat list?
Mike Flight
Interesting little boat.
By the way, you were "right" about the motorhome hire companies ripping people off.
We had put a £250 deposit on the motorhome. We got a message from them telling us we were being charged for cleaning £40, parking our car £50, not putting a cup of water in the chem toilet £28, fixing a sliding toilet door which was already broken £80, TV licence £10.
Couldn't believe it. The motorhome was returned spotless and we cleaned it from top to bottom, plus made sure all was topped up with water and petrol. We didn't even park our car at their site. We got a taxi to their dispatch yard and they charged £50 for parking our car. So you were spot on when you warned me about people getting ripped off with their insurance deposit. :(
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What can you run on 100 watts of solar power!!!! 6 in 1 Solar Kit BOAT - Sunny morning 2 days ago   23:16

The best and easiest explanation of solar power your going to find any were. Complete break down of how to size your system and actual power requirements and usages. If your new to solar you NEED to watch this video!!!