Y'all mind if I Season 8 Raptor 2.0 1 week ago   11:37

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Tumzie Night
8:41 what song or background music did he use?
Twenty-Eight Days later
You have been raped by James Charles. Like to undo.
this is sooooo funny lmaoooo
this guy also makes hilarious fortnite memes if this is the sorta thing ur into lol XD https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVCIXA-PiVc8ehU1r-55ceA_3T0jOpwaH
Kyren Taylor
Thought you are going back to combat pro
Bryan Gomez
Flint knock boi
Caleb Grunden
At the end of the video how many kills did u have
edna soto
Fuck me pls
Mason Smith élève
Oh no no
Andy Onion
Since when we Ceeday a sweat?!
fuzail naviwala
Land on the wooden pole and you don’t take fall damage on lazy logon
JC Howard
I wanna hear Lifeline say "I'm really about to get yo pickle chin ahh boi."
fuzail naviwala
Love your vids but pleas try not to curse
im special
Still waiting for *Flint Knockery boii*
i stream
Y’all I could easily clap ceeday he’s trash but good yk play me ceeday
Do peely exe
Yael Salgaldo
New gun only
Cosmic Cynical
See you next month!
Mario Plush and Games
Your a stupid shit because you play this dumb game Apex is better what the fuck is wrong with you Ceeday I loved you before but now you fucking suck.
Mario Plush and Games
Why are you playing this shit?
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Raptor 2.0 Y'all mind if I Season 8 1 week ago   12:50