Nicolas Cage Wants Cake Everything Wrong With Gremlins 2 days ago   01:22

Harry Partridge
Hey, where's that chocolate cake??

I promise I will never make anything this retarded ever again.

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кети симс
Ха ха ха😂😂😂
кети симс
Ха ха ха
Lk Academy Jones
I saw this video when I was 12 years old lol
Chuck 101
This is a weird porno
yeetman beetman
you know what my 8 year old cousin showed me this after i first saw it in 2011 and i still love it
michelle GR
My younger sister complained about the girls breasts...😓👙
I am pi
What the fuck?
Ah yes. The old days
Zuryan Tribbitt
This sounds nasty look at her and I'm a kid
Doggo Memesauce
I remember showing this to my teacher
pretty sure this was my bisexual awakening
Муха Илюха
Крутая пародия реально
Iz 357
As a kid i beat my meat to this
Mr. Blizzard
Now I know I'm in the weird side of YouTube
Entropic Lizards
The ancient texts
Becky Estrella

CRINGE!!!! anyone 2019 and some one should make a wings of fire version.
blossombiscuits ÚwÙ
I still didn't get my cake back after all these years-
•Laa Laa•
Sket FØX
In end Sonic!
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Everything Wrong With Gremlins Nicolas Cage Wants Cake 2 days ago   10:09

It's still the Christmas season as far as we're concerned, so here's another sins video of a beloved holiday classic, Gremlins. Probably best not to get this video wet... or watch it after midnight.

Thursday: Another "What's the Damage?"
Next Week: Sins you've been clamoring for, and some other stuff.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we recount next? Merch: