Boris Johnson faces the public Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should 2 days ago   14:08

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Killer 121
Erm erm erm a erm erm a a erm
Brian Owens
God help us if he got to be the next pm he is a clown it's a pity somebody wouldn't take over the Labour Party I don't understand why they were ever put into government I think he needs to go into I'm a celebrity get me out of here but keep him there
What was that row about with his woman at the weekend? For crying out loud, if he can’t even run his own household properly then how the HECK is he going to run an entire country??
Spongecake Squareshoes
Conservatives. Putting the *Con* to the public is what they do.
he spouts what he thinks we want to hear typical tory bullshits us to death
John Wicks Pencil
Yeah so I’m gonna be looking for another source for videos online than YouTube and them pushing mainstream news narrative. Was fun while it lasted. Maybe Bitchute is more “real”, except the fascists at apple wont allow it in their AppStore , only makes me want it more.
Derek Cooper
I support the bloke, but the video is unwatchable.
Tim Hunt
Let kill Yemen children make money , here come uk back to the sick man of Europe .
The Wahhabist owned “independent”
Dale is a pathetic remainer
The Bedroom Tax is one of the worst taxes that has ever been introduced, it is completely unfair and it needs to be abolished!!
It doesn't affect me but I have seen it affect others who just don't need the extra reduction in their income..
He's as wooden as the chair he's sitting in.
Kevin L
Blowhard Johnson is a sleezeball. His own father does his best to not comment or be associated with him. His plethora of lies during the Brexit campaign and lifelong record of deceit surely cannot be forgotten?? As for this incident with his girlfriend (poor girl)... I suppose if Trump can "walk up to women and just kiss them" and "grab them by the pussy" then Boris can slap women around -- is that the message here???grab
Chris Anza
And I thought I had a slouching problem, but Boris puts me to shame.
Anne James Investigations
Not sure why they are touring the country doing hustings when the people are not going to have this vote? Or have I missed something ?!
bogen broom
The News about the Legal case for BRexit by Robin Tillbrook is getting out , this case is already at the Law Courts .....see Daddy Dragon!........The UK left the corrupt Undemocratic evil EU on the 29/3/19 .......!
Ben Leydon
Still would rather have Barmy Boris than Comrade Corbyn ;)
Lauren Stevens
francis palmer
This is deliberate cant you see it, Also jumping on the domestic at his flat which has f-ck all to do with anybody else. Lefties and remoaners are desperate to get him out and i am sick of the papers + the Bullshit Broadcasting Company. GET US OUT OF THE EU, we won the vote to leave.
Mazar Iqbal
Secret voting behind closed doors? I will do that at the next general election when the Tories need my vote...
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Chuka Umunna: 'Why I should Boris Johnson faces the public 2 days ago   17:22

The Independent's John Rentoul sits down with MP for Streatham and new Liberal Democrat member Chuka Umunna to talk about his decision to join the party just months after forming Change UK.

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