Boris Johnson v Jeremy Hunt: Who is the real Boris Johnson? | The Economist 1 day ago   01:45

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A Tory member questioned whether Boris Johnson would be a `fitting prime minister´ at a hustings in Nottingham.

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Repulse theMonkey
All of this is happening because a Remainer Parliament refused to accept the will of the people. The same Parliament would have declared victory had Remain gained 52% of the vote. Now we have to vote them all out, in order to enact Brexit and regain Democracy.
Martin Decamerone
The problem is that they lie. Doesn’t matter if u for or against brexit. It’s not possible to leave on 31st October without a giant hit / except a wonder happens and u accept the withdrawal agreement. And it’s a lie that there will be renegotiations. They just already starting to blame the EU for the costs the UK can’t really afford (it’s 90bl without the EU payment of 39bl u will have to pay anyway/ Internat court). The shortest trade deal negotiations with the EU take 5—7 years. It’s not a short time backlash, even the most optimistic predictions made by brexiters, is that u will be on the same level u r now in 15—20 years. Why not just telling the truth, if it’s true that people want brexit at any cost.
Alduin Wrynn
No wonder the Brexit party destroyed them.
nikki k
H (c) unt
Dumb and dumber
Luiza S
Best representatives of homo sapiences chosen to lead us promising one banana for every household
People who sits on high branches when look down see flattering smiles. People who sits on lower branches of palm tree when look up see only arseholes
day6creation breathing
Best song i remember in rehab is
"I think my dads gone crazy"
Tele Opinions
What a mess. As one friend of mine says, "They made their bed now they to lay on it. And I don't care." It's just a shame that the other 48 or 49% who voted to remain are being thrown under the bus.
Eric Ellis
Johnson and Hunt..Or as they are known in political circles..Dumb and dumber.
The whole of my country wanted to remain in the
European Union.
Did this Union listen?
Did they feck.
I hope that Boris wins.
I hope it's a hard and bitter exit.
'UK' government my arse!
Britain, please learn from America’s mistake.
Smokin Gun
same old chit
They both suck.

Hunt being more likely to suck the D
Fancy Colt
I'm fairly certain Brits don't even care
Paul Barron
Either way we are hunting both down
Elizabeth F
What's the point of these hustings,.The tories will do anything to keep the British people from the miserable policies they're pushing through .
J Bud
So boris forgot about the men of this genuration
Pandemonium Philosophy
leave now uk owns the energy infrastructure connecting eire to the eu.. there will be no tariffs on trade with the single market.. uk has line of sight communications network... we can grow 5 tonnes of mushrooms an acre per week with out light, leave EU are were not putting any european bussiness out of work when free food is distributed etc (SOCIAL LIFE SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE) generations in the planning... uk has most pure silicon deposits in the world... out side EU.. UK can Decide to process its exotic mineral deposits locally.. instead of exporting to.. etc north downs is a 400 mile long brick 250ft high in places easier quicker and more sustainable to put a million units inside that hill than to carry on building timbre frame tosh "houses" in floodplanes and old field systems etc... best thing uk has been allowed to develop since joining the EU is a bagless vacuum cleaner... your best engineers are laying driveways.. honest people have been made homless... PRO EU factions of the establishment have been stealing children from allsorts.... Make Leave happen or mercy for london will be lacking
*When ever I hear the words...."social justice" i hear alarm bells ring. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SOCIAL JUSTICE......just JUSTICE !*
Static Method
I will be so happy when England fails, this will prove to the world how inbred this little island is. England fighting to stay relevant like its inbred Monarchy.
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Who is the real Boris Johnson? | The Economist Boris Johnson v Jeremy Hunt: 1 day ago   03:53

Boris Johnson is likely to become Britain's next prime minister. In today's ugly politics he would be a dangerous leader.

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Boris Johnson—you can love him, you can hate him but who is he?

In some ways, he’s a very, very familiar figure

He’s a very colourful character

He has a very distinctive persona

And he’s a global superstar

My friends, we export French knickers to France

Everybody thinks they know him around the world but the more you look at him he’s really difficult to understand because there are at least two very distinctive Boris Johnsons

So let’s find out more about who these two Boris Johnsons are

One is of the globalist, open-minded person
A liberal who is in favour of open immigration

I’ve been one of the few British politicians to speak up in favour of the benefits of immigration

He has Turkish ancestry, he has some Jewish ancestry he’s a very cosmopolitan figure

My father’s father’s father was a Muslim and he knew large chunks of the Koran off by heart

On the other hand, he claims to be the leader of the nationalist, populist sort of wing of the Conservative Party

What do they know of the impact of immigration on school places on hospital waiting lists and GPs’ surgeries?

They know nothing about it, they know absolutely nothing about it

He’s more recently talked about Muslim women wearing burkas looking like letter boxes and things like that

So two very, very distinctive personas there

But he’s hardly the anti-establishment figure he claims to be

Boris Johnson is very much part of the British upper classes

And he’s got quite a name to show for it

He went to Eton

The English boys boarding school educated Princes William and Harry and also 19 previous prime ministers

Then he went to Oxford, then he immediately went into journalism so he’s really been a creature of the English upper classes and of the metropolitan, journalistic elite

But with Boris things are never quite what they seem

Well Boris Johnson has an extraordinary history of lying in public

His first job was on the Times and he was sacked for making up a quotation

Then he went on, in the Telegraph, to make a number of claims about the European Union including the fact that they wanted to straighten bananas and things like that which were either exaggerations or lies

During the referendum campaign he appeared all around the country with buses on the side of which were claims about Britain getting £350 million back from the EU

There is no evidence that he will be good at being precise with his words and there’s a lot of evidence that he is willing to say things that are flat out false

OK, so he’s consistently inconsistent doesn’t rate facts too highly and yet he’s still flying high


Boris Johnson has enormous strengths

He is a very, very good campaigner

He was re-elected as mayor of London despite being a Tory

And above all he makes people feel good about themselves

I have nothing to say about this matter except to offer you some tea

Those are great and important qualities in a politician

They’re not enough but they’re certainly important

So who is the real Boris Johnson?

Clown? Statesman?

Or something else altogether?

I think Boris Johnson is a dangerous politician

The rather narcissistic individual who wants to be not just liked but loved

And that means that he is willing to pander, bend the truth and when the going gets really tough there’s no evidence that he can really push through and solve problems

I don’t think he really believes anything and I think, not believing anything in good times is probably alright

But when you’re in very difficult times as Britain most certainly is at the moment when you’re the prime minister you need to have a star to be guided by and I don’t think he has a star to be guided by