Turning Myself Into A Cow In A Tesla Answering Your TOUGH Questions 2 days ago   24:51

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I do sfx makeup to turn myself in a cow in my tesla ... for science!!

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gisary matos
For the people who are saying "she has a Tesla but is talking about reducing emission please listen & pay attention to what she says starting at 17:29.
El Taco
Please go to Chick-fil-A on cow day like that
Eat the rich instead
TopHat Penguin417
23:41 is me!
Lily potatoo
She beith a Chick-fil-A cowww
Nikki Stephanson
So I recently had to do an essay on climate change and how we can help, and I actually did mine on cows. And here are a few facts that might shock you that I learned.
1. 30% of land in North America (idk if it’s just in North America or in the whole world), is farm land.(specifically used for agriculture.)
2. If we gave all the wheat and grain that we use to feed cows to humans, we could feed an extra 3.5 billion people. (And it’s not like we would be starving the cows, cows can eat the grass and they probably aren’t even supposed to be eating that grain. And that’s also probably making them fart more which causes more methane emissions.)
3. Red meat isn’t actually that great for you if you eat it a lot. Especially processed red meat. It blocks your arteries more then any other meat so you should really be mindful of how much you’re eating, and where it is coming from.

I’d also like to say that this is all from memory so some of it is probably not 100% accurate.

Ps. If you see this mykie ilysm and you inspire me so much! I watched your workout video and it truly inspired me to start working out more and caring about my body more and anytime I watch your vids I just feel so loved and inspired and smart.
Mackenzie Haines
The gardien fishless fish filets are AMAZING!
A bull is a male cow
And if I were gay
Although I swear I'm straight
I'd make the fellas say
Ohh Bo

I am fourteen and I have been listening to Bo for about 4 years
thank you for this information! I participated in a Worldwide March for the environment and it's really cool to see someone with a big platform like you making a good video and including important information!
thank you!!
I'm vegetarian for the planet and also my health. I try to either walk or use public transportation, and I don't fly anywhere since I don't have the money to travel. I will start recycling everything once I move out and I can decide on my own what goes in my trash bins. These are all very good topics to talk about and we need to be more aware of this planet and not take it for granted since even if we die, the planet will stay here. This planet doesn't need us at all, we need it.
Shanie Beauty
When someone commented on her roast vid that she laughs with her eyes open... she should have laughed in this vid with the google eyes and @ them... even though this was before that vid 😜
Shanie Beauty
22:05 “don’t want u to be known as that guy walking with that cow” was kinda a pun not for Mykie Bc she’s not a cow but the term calling women cows
Shanie Beauty
Wouldn’t not eating cows mean there’s more cows out there to hurt the environment? I’m confused
Liyah Harris
A bull is a male cow.
Samantha Faye
My favorite animal is a cow!
Imitation crab
Deja Patterson
I showed my little brother this video and all he shook his shoulders and said “it’s whatever im ready to die”. What. The. Hell.
Christine Philippa
my only issue with this is the lack of eyelashes on the cow cow!!
other than that the video was blimin great
I haven't eaten fish in over 10 years, and it made me feel like a child eating fish fingers, so good! Like, I have no idea how they got the texture right, but it's amazing
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Answering Your TOUGH Questions Turning Myself Into A Cow In A Tesla 2 days ago   25:47

I told you to go for it, and oooh you did. Here are some answers to the many good questions you zombaes asked me. Let me know if you'd like a follow up to this at some point with more questions like this, or an elaboration on some of the stories mentioned in here.

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