Watch MPs vote on a fresh Brexit Dover pred Brexit: Lučki 1 day ago   1:26:42

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Ma Wilsun
Yes plz
TM said the no deal agreement is not legally binding which means that a no deal could still take place.

MP's voted down the notion of No Deal.

MP's also voted down the notion of a 2nd referendum.

MP's also voted for the notion of extending article 50 until June.

I pray the EU just kick us out. Stop delaying what we voted for.

Nothing is ever gained without sacrifice, if you come to a crossroads and take the wrong path the only way forwards is backwards.

It will not be as bad as they say. Fear mongering has caused mass hysteria.
Happy Dace
Does Parliament abide by the majority result of the current voting issues taking place ? Or just ignore them like the referendum ? .
Darrylle Sunderland
Bring back hanging for 85 traitors.
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Dover pred Brexit: Lučki Watch MPs vote on a fresh Brexit 1 day ago   03:07

Dok političke elite u Londonu lome koplja o krupnim nacionalnim i ekonomskim pitanjima, manje sredine, koje će prve biti na udaru, i dalje čekaju odgovore na pitanje - šta da rade nakon Brexita.
Grad Dover, najbliži je Francuskoj preko La Manchea, i već osjeća posljedice.

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