The Sensation of Sight - Trailer the X-Files - Pilot 5 months ago   02:37

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In an awe-inspiring fusion of dream/reality, this offbeat drama about man's search for meaning amidst the ache of despair chronicles Finn (David Strathairn), a middle-aged English teacher, as he enters a midlife crisis ignited by a recent tragedy. Finn sets afoot selling encyclopedias to the town locals, however, his anxieties begin to consume him as he finds himself pursued by an unrelenting ghost. Circling through sleepless nights and desperate days, The Sensation of Sight intertwines lives of loneliness and disconnection, fatefully leading Finn toward an unexpected and sublime awakening.

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the X-Files - Pilot The Sensation of Sight - Trailer 5 months ago   02:20

ok.. this is my second video in all my life.. i'd be glad to read your opinion!=)
the video is about the first episode of the show "the X-Files". my favourite show ever!!!
i hope you like it

i do NOT own the clips nor the song. this video is made just for fun.

i really must thank akachankami (camilla) for helping me in the make out of this video! thank you so much! i've been such a great help!