Content Moderation And Free Speech "TRIBUTE to IDOLS" || SINHA BROTHERS 2 weeks ago   18:15

Patriot Act
On the latest Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj takes a look back at the formation of the world wide web and how the growth of platforms like Facebook and Twitter have created social and political issues that our outdated internet laws cannot solve.

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Content Moderation And Free Speech | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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David Xu
13:00 damn pewdiepie and poppy Harlow......
1-7000 ANCiENT
why the pewdiepie burn tho? what arguments are behind that
Brett F
This is the first long form Hasan video that has not shown up in Trending, on Youtube. Also, vastly less views.
Compound Moan
It is so sad that Hassan Minhaj speaks of the truth that is going on in our societies today and you see people laughing about it...
HPV meaning?
Fallon joke flew under the radar
Germae Anne
The graphics are MINDBLOWING in this show especially considering how it has to be *performed live along with Hasan.
Just so you know, someone made that clip of Bryant Gumbel coming to grips with the internet into a song. Search "ugochukwu - windows 95 "

the video is fantastic
Kaalia Morrow
"porn will always survive" is something you mention. So what's your take on the fallout from SESTA/FOSTA, and how Facebook's new TOS ban any mentions of sex or related things?
I literally listened to someone say at work last week, "Oh yeah, I basically have to go on facebook it's where I get my news," & I thought "oh, neat we are screwed." This was last week!!! After Congress brought in Facebook execs to testify, after everybody and their dog knew Facebook was influenced by Russian hackers to influence the 2016 election, after that!!! AFTER.
Hassan ❤️❤️
Alexander Bujak
Hasan Minhaj is incredible. The guy deserves a talk show & so much more.
Never had a computer 😕
Hasan was barely 10 in 1995.
He didn't know about A/S/L
Philippe Caroff
Please make the future generations read constructive articles from the well established newspapers🙂
Philippe Caroff
And what if your such a retarded tiger that you can't become a lion because it's simply too late already🤔
Philippe Caroff
Hasan Minhaj to win it all Lol
Nur Izzati Khairuddin
i like the credit music
Hoolio Iglesias
So like all right winged examples of shitty people on the internet but none of the left winged ones. No bias here. Also trying to discredit someone for their last name and only for that? Jesus Christ I miss Jon Stewart.
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"TRIBUTE to IDOLS" || SINHA BROTHERS Content Moderation And Free Speech 2 weeks ago   16:33

Tribute to IDOLS is a Cover song, Which consists 10 songs from 10 Legendary Bands of Bangladesh. its a Mashup of 10 legendary Songs recomposed and Cover by SBP team.

Song List from START to END:
01. Keno ai Nisshongota - #Souls (00:14)
02. Purnota - #Warfaze (01:37)
03. Kobita (Padda Patar Jol) - #James (Feelings/Nagar Baul) (03:28)
04. Shopnobhonggo - #Miles (04:50)
05. Jare Ja Ure Ja re pakhi - #ARK (06:39)
06. Cafeteria - #Shironamhin (08:07)
07. Opekkha - #Vikings (09:41)
08. Madhobi - #LRB (11:39)
09. Oniket Prantor - #Artcell (13:22)
10. Aushomapto - #Aurthohin (14:32)

#DISCLAIMER: This song has been a dream project for us. We chose 10 songs from 10 of our favorite bands to make this song. We worked very hard and spent a lot of time to make this song happen and due to this we lagged behind on other songs. We are cordially apologizing to all the bands from this song for all the mistakes that we have made.
And to the viewers we want to say that, we kept the original tune of every song and we arranged the composition according to our thought. Please do not compare the song with the original ones :)

Sound Engineer: Sajid Sadat Khan
Audio Recording Studio: SJ STUDIO

Video & Edit: Sanjit SInha Shawon
Video Production: SB Production

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