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Patriot Act
On the latest Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj takes a look back at the formation of the world wide web and how the growth of platforms like Facebook and Twitter have created social and political issues that our outdated internet laws cannot solve.

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Content Moderation And Free Speech | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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Dhruv Garg
Lol nice how you're criticizing them advocating their companies in relation to free speech whilst you make fun of their names. Well played.
Andres Emilio DiStefano
A great speaker and hilarious showman, but the message is all wrong. When governments and business oligarchies limit free speech the results are always extremely negative. My proof: all of history. If they want to keep it a secret, it must be revealed. Even the most ridiculous and even hateful dialogue must have the opportunity to make itself heard so that people will be aware that hate is real and take the necessary steps to make sure that it can be fought properly
Omnio Sound
Moha Uddin
I bought compaq presario in 95 too from nobody bit the Wiz
Kidix 3000
Funny show but I see he's a left leaning guy.
Dante Ma
Idiotic ACT!!!
Dante Ma
Idiotic ACT!!!
Matthew St. Cyr
6:54 I'm more like, "How can you give original 8-bit Link the Hylian Shield when the Hylian Shield didn't exist until Ocarina of Time?"
Bolu gamer
i have watched a lot of this series and the comment sections never talks about the issues he says, he talks about real issues he even making me consider giving up meat, i get really sad that the world is more fucked up than i thought it was ...pls just take a moment to internalise what he says because it will affect all of us in the long term
Mulagapati vinay davency
So publishers are losing money , so they blame social media , cause up untill now what they told is news , but when social media came it is like real time news without bias or agenda behind it. Well better opt for which gives truth right.
Welcome to internet , where half of the comment section will be flooded with brown guy , cats and he is (ind I an). Fuc king stu pid in di ans.
Yusuff Maroof
Awesome Hasan. Awesome!
My first computer was Compaq Presario too :)
The People UK JFK 2.0
Just don't take my word I push you to do your own research and find evidence for yourself and don't just take 1 person word take your fellow people serious and if your classed crazy mad.... or nothing won't change thinking like that is why we are in this mess? Time to speak out let's work together and get the truth out there!
The People UK JFK 2.0
Perfect example as am like everyone else just trying to get by as I love to work in security to keep people safe from violence and acting out on how I feel when I see a homeless man and being in the UK it's cold so a hot brew that good will is lost.
2nd example
I have always loved video games since a kid and speaking to my friends who i join every night to chat bringing people together as I see it and working as a team but talking about this matters some people don't wish to know.... And that's why we haven't changed!
I told my friend and some people are aware what is going on in the world today and not just 1 subject everything is controlled from born till death that's why nothing changed in our history... Our government has never found a solution because there all money making into these private banker,oil and gas industry's , war profit these are just some of what they are using against us right now!
My friend ask me is the government or the people in power if so have they known or caused serious deaths to people all.over the world for financial gain or other means against the People.
However we won't ever know because the critical thinkers who are aware don't have chance or never see ever evidence supporting these terrorism claims? Just false media drip feed information and lies to the people!
The People UK JFK 2.0
We as a People need to think Critical to our environment and our situations around the world because no one is addressing these matters and lies are being published false news profit making from the people made to work 90 hrs just to pay your bills look not just in your street or town think bigger because if it's changing in other country's Like Yemen unlawful killings murder the list goes on and on and on but we still as a people are just letting them do what they like along as we have our paper in our wallets our TV shows all the distracts that take anyway the matter in hand. We can find a solution but the way we are going I don't think it's going to be good and from a military background the odds of the elite turning us against each other will.succed! Peace and love!
The People UK JFK 2.0
Thousands read and watch his video so please watch and share because we can hopefully pass the messages on to decent people who can take this higher if found true. Let's not be separated anymore Share my 3 videos to the world on my channel am in for getting the word out to the people and next step will be my local MP!
The People UK JFK 2.0
He isn't a comdien he trying to get truth out to the people which we are to stupid to realise I've uploaded 3 videos that should be investigated and shared all over the world because if found true the war for the afghans and Iraq everyone who fought in that war would of been for nothing accept for a lie to say we are low on resources and then for america to be number 1 in oil? Question and share think lives not profit! CREDERE
The I
Can I call the government daddy?
Harleen Kaur
How come he talked about Internet and not include memes😂😂
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"TRIBUTE to IDOLS" || SINHA BROTHERS Content Moderation And Free Speech 6 months ago   16:33

Tribute to IDOLS is a Cover song, Which consists 10 songs from 10 Legendary Bands of Bangladesh. its a Mashup of 10 legendary Songs recomposed and Cover by SBP team.

Song List from START to END:
01. Keno ai Nisshongota - #Souls (00:14)
02. Purnota - #Warfaze (01:37)
03. Kobita (Padda Patar Jol) - #James (Feelings/Nagar Baul) (03:28)
04. Shopnobhonggo - #Miles (04:50)
05. Jare Ja Ure Ja re pakhi - #ARK (06:39)
06. Cafeteria - #Shironamhin (08:07)
07. Opekkha - #Vikings (09:41)
08. Madhobi - #LRB (11:39)
09. Oniket Prantor - #Artcell (13:22)
10. Aushomapto - #Aurthohin (14:32)

#DISCLAIMER: This song has been a dream project for us. We chose 10 songs from 10 of our favorite bands to make this song. We worked very hard and spent a lot of time to make this song happen and due to this we lagged behind on other songs. We are cordially apologizing to all the bands from this song for all the mistakes that we have made.
And to the viewers we want to say that, we kept the original tune of every song and we arranged the composition according to our thought. Please do not compare the song with the original ones :)

Sound Engineer: Sajid Sadat Khan
Audio Recording Studio: SJ STUDIO

Video & Edit: Sanjit SInha Shawon
Video Production: SB Production

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