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Patriot Act
On the latest Patriot Act, Hasan Minhaj takes a look back at the formation of the world wide web and how the growth of platforms like Facebook and Twitter have created social and political issues that our outdated internet laws cannot solve.

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Content Moderation And Free Speech | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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I grew up in an area that only had dial up. As a gamer... I can never forget those dark, desolate times.
Alvin Liau

I heard Hasan talking about Pewdiepie and Poppy

So does this mean that he watches Pew News on youtube!?

Jade Frisch
Javeria khan
Heyyy We love Pewds
Javeria khan
Bruhhh your graphic team is 💯💯💯
Javeria khan
Shayeli Sarker
You can see how Facebook works if you actually pay attention. Like something controversial, comment, and within one hour watch your timeline being turned into one giant minefield! You will see people commenting like you, liking same stuff and that's Facebook algorithm manipulating you making you think everyone in this world thinks like you, no other opinions! EVEN ADS ARE CURATED ACCORDING TO YOUR NEEDS SO YOU BUY MORE STUFF! THEY HAVE YOUR ENTIRE PERSONALITY PROFILE AND A MACHINE IS MANIPULATING YOU TO SEE WHAT IT WANTS TO SEE, BREATHE ,KNOW AND BUY- BASICALLY EXIST!
Marmalade Cinderblock
those interpretive dance moves coordinated with the 2018 equivalent of a star wipe!!!
Marmalade Cinderblock
those interpretive dance moves coordinated with the 2018 equivalent of a star wipe!!!
Is he a 9 year old or a tseries sympathizer?
Jacob Black
I am against Cenship on Youtube.
Jacob Black
Take my rights big Tech bro.
Jacob Black
Good fatih lie.
Chaimaa Elfaiz
What a scary liger .. I am using social media and scared for my life at the same time
And the sad part is, the government actually backs up these corporate criminals.
he should do like a theme episode where he doesn't move his hands at all
If you think that a few fake news articles and ads fooled anyone into voting for Trump, I have a bridge to sell you
spawn bacon
It was link you idiot
Sadia R.
One thing for sure, he does not lose attention whatsoever..
leslie sylvan
Agreed that social media has sadly become the bane of society. Whatever happened about playing outside as children? Oh, I forgot. Parents might be subject to DCYC taking them away.
Re Ford; it's Feb, 2019 and another professor is accusing the Lt. Governor of even worse actions, along with black faced peers. Does anyone here see the evidencary hypocrisy in Dems reaction?
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"TRIBUTE to IDOLS" || SINHA BROTHERS Content Moderation And Free Speech 3 months ago   16:33

Tribute to IDOLS is a Cover song, Which consists 10 songs from 10 Legendary Bands of Bangladesh. its a Mashup of 10 legendary Songs recomposed and Cover by SBP team.

Song List from START to END:
01. Keno ai Nisshongota - #Souls (00:14)
02. Purnota - #Warfaze (01:37)
03. Kobita (Padda Patar Jol) - #James (Feelings/Nagar Baul) (03:28)
04. Shopnobhonggo - #Miles (04:50)
05. Jare Ja Ure Ja re pakhi - #ARK (06:39)
06. Cafeteria - #Shironamhin (08:07)
07. Opekkha - #Vikings (09:41)
08. Madhobi - #LRB (11:39)
09. Oniket Prantor - #Artcell (13:22)
10. Aushomapto - #Aurthohin (14:32)

#DISCLAIMER: This song has been a dream project for us. We chose 10 songs from 10 of our favorite bands to make this song. We worked very hard and spent a lot of time to make this song happen and due to this we lagged behind on other songs. We are cordially apologizing to all the bands from this song for all the mistakes that we have made.
And to the viewers we want to say that, we kept the original tune of every song and we arranged the composition according to our thought. Please do not compare the song with the original ones :)

Sound Engineer: Sajid Sadat Khan
Audio Recording Studio: SJ STUDIO

Video & Edit: Sanjit SInha Shawon
Video Production: SB Production

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