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In the field with Simon Haslett, Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Wales and author of Coastal Systems (2016, University of Wales Press). Please leave a comment if you found this video of use in your studies.
Topics: coastal development, tourism, population, global warming, climate change, sea-level rise, storms, coastal erosion, beach scarping.
Location: Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia).
Latitude/longitude (for Google Earth): 28° 0'26.03"S, 153°25'55.73"E.
Further reading: S. K. Haslett (2016) Coastal Systems, 3rd Edition. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 230pp. Available from : (see Section 6.2).

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I will add some subtitles soon to help ESL and other students.
Helen Abelas
Great, but some text would be very beneficial especially for ESL students
Looks good, but it would be good to add some text description to outline the context.
Scott Skinner
I have made a 25 minute documentary (in 6 short parts) for my 13/14 to Dutch bilingual students. I grew up on the Gold Coast & the changes I have seen since 1972 are indeed dynamic (physically & culturally) & dramatic. Thanks for your videos; they have given me much inspiration. I have posted the six short videos on YouTube (search for sips67- my username); I look forward to your feedback. Thanks. Scott Skinner
Tom Mclean
I am teaching IB geography and am currently working on the coasts unit and your videos are extremely useful. Cheers! Keep them coming.
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