trying to make diy lays chips BUBBLEGUM | How It's Made 2 days ago   10:02

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Hank Hougen
Jenna and Julian have a friendship I really want
"jenna likes the chips i guess that's a win" that's honestly the biggest win of them all. a) someone you love likes what you've cooked and b) you've homemade something that might actually taste a little better and costs less than the bagged version? beautiful. now if you can recreate the sound of the bag opening lol

edit: also yes! cook more i love these kinda videos.
Rusky Diamond
Julian doesn’t capitalize any of his video titles. Is this chaotic Aries energy?
king cobra
Man jst buy a bag of chips u know how long that's gonna take to,make as many at they have in a bag
Madara Bogdānova
He is like this generation bob ross
anonymous army
imagine how weird it must be to have both a girlfriend and a just friend named jenna! such a small world!
palun pane uks kinni tra
im also an aries. I LOVE CHIPS but I hate the original ones
Jenny Lyons
If you aren't subscribed to Bon Appetite magazine's YouTube channel, you ABSOLUTELY should be. I think you'd really like it
Martha j
did julien solomita really just tell me to be careful with the oil
Mary Jones
Looks delicious! I used to make all the time except on high heat in the oven. Turned out similar and WAY better than commerical chips. Awesome job!
Lo Kincaid
Classic lays are my favorite!
Such relaxingvoixe
the graceful doot
he looks like a young alternate Alton Brown lmao
Ery Theia
Why doesn’t he monetize? Julian is one of the channels for which I would totally watch all the ads
Fujin has fall great 👍 was
becca h
“as some people insultingly like to call it ‘plain’ “
*calls it plain 10 seconds later*
Nica Albertson
Julien pretty much ended up making tadiq (Iranian fried potatoe recipe)
I cant hear what you say because i eat Lays Chips
dayyyuuummm..... when did julie start getting 1 mill views ? lol niiiice
he literally just made raw fries
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BUBBLEGUM | How It's Made trying to make diy lays chips 2 days ago   04:50

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