Katie Brennan's full opening The Real Reason Kimberly Guilfoyle 1 day ago   23:11

Katie Brennan, chief of staff of the N.J. Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, gives the special legislative committee her full opening testimony.

Brennan accused Murphy staffer Albert J. Alvarez of rape at a campaign gathering in 2017.

Brennan reported her story to the Wall Street Journal after she says . she exhausted every other avenue.

Story: http://nj-ne.ws/tVPEACu

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Not that it really matters, but she's incredibly attractive.
Walking dog
She's pretty strong. I would've lost it and done something already. I'm so pissed with this scenario. Like, seriously?
p hoch
Step down, Murphy.
The Bret Kavanaugh hearings along with the antics or Corey "Farticus" Booker would normally make this a very difficult environment to make these accusations. But this is New Jersey. Since New Jersey hasn't had their #metoo moment yet, all the Jersey libtard politicians are salivating and a lot of them don't like their fellow libtard Murphy anyway. This women is credible. Ms. Brennan is neat , well organized and well spoken. She is not one who is going to wilt or hide in the shadows. In her own bureaucratic way, she could cut the balls off of Moby Dick with a paring knife without the histrionics of someone who belongs on "The View". If this guy If Albert J. Alvarez has laid so much as a finger on her he is a total jerk off for being that stupid. Should men cheer, run or should just the Latino males learn not be so stupid about Irish women? I would say that a position for a Latino male will soon being opening up in the Murphy administration. I don't think Ms. Brennan will come out too damaged from this especially if others are found to have been the object of Senor Alvarez's affections. Hablan espanol ustedes? Where is the NJ State Attorney General in all of this? He is too busy suing Trump.
puma.will. pounce
NJ.com is the same website that employs fatso John Shabe who shadows bans commentators for having the wrong political views.
George Papaduke
She comes across as way more credible than that Christine Blasey Ford character ever did.
KAT 69
I Hear you🏆 This Dispicable Predatory behavior has No Place in Our Society, it's beyond Deplorable! On behalf of Humanity, Ty Katie, for your brave endurance to fight "This Crooked Broken System!" Our Govt knows Alvarez NJ is a beautiful place to Live in, minus the Rampant Criminals Running it! Your speaking up, Will Have a Rippling Affect, to help bring these malicious criminals, & their indifference to Justice- to Light! God Bless You👍.
Kara Miller
She's amazing.
John's Watching
Ms Katie Brennan: I personally apologize to you, on behalf of people who do care, for the lack of support, improper intervention and deplorable absence of attempt at resolve on your behalf by the NJ State Leadership. I hope, for you and for the others that have experienced victimization, that the legislature responds properly to your plea. I am in awe of your bravery, and hope your resoluteness brings you closure upon both the emotional and intellectual wounds you endure from this offense. Peace ~
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The Real Reason Kimberly Guilfoyle Katie Brennan's full opening 1 day ago   04:36

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