Soundiron's Olympus Elements Overview. Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library 4 months ago   13:20

Peter Schmidt
In this video I mainly take a look at The olympus Choir library but I also take a look at all the other stuff I used in this track too. (Yes I know it isn't the greatest quality of video but at least I don't have a watermark)

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Where is the talent ? Sorry, but not in this track
Kevin Walker
nice track!!
Hey Peter
Nice track,good use of everything,he,he.Sounds epic!
Nice track!
Odd that you have no comments, its quite good.
I have Elements, you did it credit.
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Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library Soundiron's Olympus Elements Overview. 4 months ago   32:27

1.5 GB Bluegrass Banjo Sample Library video demo for NI Kontakt from Bolder Sounds.