I Had To Put My Dog Down STORYTIME -- IS THERE A GHOST IN MY HOUSE?! 2 days ago   31:41

For those who want to know, here are all the details surrounding Page's year-long battle with Cushing's Disease and my decision to euthanize her. Miss you Pagey.

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Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!

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Amanda Odum
I am sooooooooooooooooooo sad for you, Page meant sooo much for me. heart u!
Bailee Spellenberg
These people who disliked don't know what its really like losing your best furry friend. Basically, I lost both of my sweethearts. A cruel person decided to run over my little fluff ball when she was outside going to use the bath room. I was watching, then, out of no where, someone decided to swerve and hit her head on and drive away, it was the biggest heartbreak of my life. I have never seen anyone so cruel to run over my best friend when she wasn't in their way. My second sweetheart, Aspin, was the sweetest thing ever, he loved to play, and loved to go outside with me. This was an accident, he basically looked like a wild coyote/wolf. I had him microchipped so he didn't wear a collar. I was sitting on my back porch, watching him, then, he got near another yard with another dog, I called out his name but all of a sudden, I hear a loud, "BANG". My heart started to race, I ran to where he was and found him whining, the gun had shot at him. The person who shot him quickly ran over and started to apologize and offered me a ride to help get Aspin to the vet. He died while they tried to save him. I'm really sorry Stacy, I feel you. what its like losing your life long best friend. May Page Rest In Peace in doggy heaven, eating treats and chasing squirrels, she is looking down at all of us right now, proud of this huge family. May Page live forever more in our hearts.
Sequoia Koski
I wish i could give you 1million hugs i hope she will meet all of my dogs in heaven 💗💗💗🐕i have a lot
Elizabeth Hare
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 R.I.P Page. Page will be missed!
I’m ok guys I’m just cutting onions😢😭
Aubrey Baker
Stacy is a pen page is a highlighter Stacy drew the world and page made it brighter 💙💙💙
Kaylee Ivicic
I'm with you Stacy, it least you will be with her someday.
Lisa Korba
Paige is in a better place now.. ❤️
Adventures With Jayland
I'm sorry for you loss... at least your not the only person that's happened to, my ant Shana had to put her dog down and she wasn't there for it... I'm so sorry Stacy!
Skits Central
Page was the sweetest little dog I've ever seen. Please don't feel guilty for putting her down. You did it so she wouldn't have to live the last day or two of her life in complete pain. She will be missed...
Cheryl Adams
Always in my heart.
Pug lover 13
Hi Stacy I’m really sorry for your loss of the most special girl in your life. I think you should do A page mine-clash. You should have to tame A dog using the dog mod from dog craft,dye the collor light blue, and get the page painting. Hope you do this mine-clash. Page will live on -❤️Ali
Liam Bolz
I love Page... Im soooo sorry
Melissa Tgdfxgxdsfdddtesighf
Tennessee that are me and Caitlin from you the whole time my dog I mean peanut passed away and now I'm sad and we have a new new puppy his name is Bandy but I like to call that's what I like to call him but his real name is Bandit and I love him very much and my Worlds at school it made me sad about something it was page so I felt like that that I was going to watch you when that day happen cuz I caught that were blanked because it's just it's your dog and I love her and I just don't want to get that away from you because they see my favorite YouTuber and my name is Gabby okay and I love you videos I love dog crap I love bug craft guy with all you serious and I watch you every single day I'll be your friend Stacy and I'm really sorry that page diet
Im so sorry stacy....
theo willis
n o
Page was amazing. the first video i saw was stacey making dog biscuts for page and molly. May Page rest in peace 💗
addy ad
Even though she's not in your house anymore doesn't mean she's not your best friend anymore and she's still your dog
addy ad
This same thing happened to me but it's okay I still know that my dog loves me and as long as you know that you love page still too.😢❤❤❤
Angel Harion
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STORYTIME -- IS THERE A GHOST IN MY HOUSE?! I Had To Put My Dog Down 2 days ago   32:38


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