How to Rapidly Breakthrough When Feeling Abraham Hicks 2017 🌀 2 months ago   11:03

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❤ SUBSCRIBE ➜ - If you are willing to do this one thing, you can have a rapid breakthrough from any position of feeling stuck, no matter what your circumstance. The power is within you, and you can harness it if you are (a) willing and (b) ready. In this vlog, Bernadette Logue (Author & Transformation Coach) shares one key for getting unstuck. It takes very little time, and it is not "difficult" per se. It all comes down to how much you want to breakthrough and then a conscious choice. This is about a radical shift in perspective leading to a fresh clean slate.


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P Love
Thank you ❤
Tiffany Ann
Thank you for this 😞 I am willing to drop my story now!
Camella Wood
I am literally in love with this guidance .... absolutely perfectly done.
m b
How do I get coaching?
Robyn Jones
Thank you for your very helpful advice 💕
Natalie M. Esparza
I am going to try this. I have been really stuck in feeling impostor syndrome right now and it feeds my depression. I also came from a big city and moved to a very small town in Georgia because school was affordable but I have been blaming my circumstances for why I haven't felt like myself in over a year and every time I visit my friends in bigger cities I feel more alive gain. Thank you for the reminder that I don't have to feel alive based on my circumstances. I am going to try and rewrite my story and start telling it to myself every day to see if I can feel the shift.
Jumping Jellyfish
You're very helpful. I like your bluntness. That's what I need more than anything. Things seem so unclear to me sometimes, I think because I overthink things and don't really know how I am, so to have someone explain things clearly is really something I'm grateful for.
Ms Tango
Yeah lack of self belief, lack of confidence and feeling stuck way too stuck in the past. Limited believe in myself. Quite lazy should have worked hard. Drop my past. Anything that doesn't liberate you. My story is giving my pain. Need to go forward and put others first xxx
Lisbeth Mcdonald
I always go back to your videos when there is no other help around and I start feeling bad. Really helpful, thank you :)
Shane Perry
Hi B - thank you for the video. I have definitely reached my pain pivot point and have gone past it to the point of near complete paralysis. and I'm currently in a situation at work that I have been stuck in 4 months cannot figure out and that and I'm feeling stuck in my life in general and I'm ready to do whatever is necessary to get unstuck I will start with attempting to rewrite my stories but I may need support.
💖💖 "drop your story" awesome
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Abraham Hicks 2017 🌀 How to Rapidly Breakthrough When Feeling 2 months ago   11:49

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