Freelancers Episode 3: Karate! Harry Potter Polyjuice Problems 1 day ago   13:47

JK! Studios
The boys form an exclusive trio and Zona starts feeling left out. Devin gets a new vehicle and mischief ensues!

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JK! Studios
Like this comment if you love and respect Bruce Norris.
Alex Keener
I love how Danny DeVito is the main conflict in this episode.
Boom Bot787
X3R0 The Weeb
What about Chuck Lee?
“I slapped you with one hand. Now you must think I’m pretty fly.”

Zero to Awesome
I have to say that a one-armed taco vendor is actually the coolest client.
Zero to Awesome
Guess who!
Danny DaVito!
Sea Rabbit
“She can never know, you where reaching for the slinky.”
Shadøw Ecłipse
“We call ourselves the Karate Cobras.”

**flashback to Cobra Kai**
Lydia Kyrie
I love that even though they are married zone and Owen (Stephen And Whitney) fight all the time😂
Triple Excel
Talking about Danny Devito and jabronies? I think someone has been watching too much It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
Zachary Heiss
Bruce Norris!
Zachary Heiss
Mallory named her scooter Scoots McGoots! 🤣🤣
Zachary Heiss
Mallory held her breath for 1 minute and 53 seconds?
I have to agree with Stacy on that one: “SWEET GLORY!”
Top right shelf... petunia is back... 2:35
and knutsen
You're the best... Around... Duhbuhduhbuhduh... Birthday clown
Danny Devito is a short king and a god dammed *GOD* of a man!
Who else is bingeing?
Angela Platt
In tears! 😂
Ben Unger
held her breath 2 min.
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Harry Potter Polyjuice Problems Freelancers Episode 3: Karate! 1 day ago   05:03

Harry Potter meets Professor Snape in the halls of Hogwarts... but what is Snape hiding?

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