Freelancers Episode 3: Karate! Studio C Full Episode: Season 1 day ago   13:48

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The boys form an exclusive trio and Zona starts feeling left out. Devin gets a new vehicle and mischief ensues!

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JK! Studios
Like this comment if you love and respect Bruce Norris.
Conner McCullock
3:12 LOL😂
Trend Setters
LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Side note: NO HATE!!! But I was just wondering why the episodes progressively get shorter. Don’t @ me I’m not hating, I just want more and the episodes getting shorter gives me less.
Reuben Swartz
It was two dents before today. Both from the same golf ball
STACEY, YO. I have your space cat T-shirt ❤️❤️❤️
Esther Pace
“I feel so cool right know I can’t even describe”
Baconater 28
i need more of this oabjkbv,smsn im in love
Scout Mattox
“I don’t want to live in a world where Danny Devito is the coolest man alive.”
“You already do.”
You guys are so good 😂
Rogue Wolf
Wait, in that hot tub scare one, stacy held his breath for like 3mins
Angelo Sacks
I have one eye and have always wanted to run a taco truck. I guess this is confirmation...
Holy Moly, this is really funny stuff. I wasn't the biggest fan of a lot of the Studio C sketches, but this is GOLD! Subscribed! Keep it going, y'all!
Danny diveto is pretty cool
Look at Devin's hands at 5:43
Moon Ha
Y’all guys have no idea how much my siblings and I love this show! We have so many inside jokes now because of it! Y’all a humor is so respectful and funny and the characters are crazy with flaws! It’s so relatable! Thanks so much for continueing with y’all dreams and spreading happiness to everyone! Y’all are the absolute best!! Keep it up fam squad!! 🥴👌❤️❤️
Christianne Baldwin
You better make a 4 I seriously LOVE this series I cannot stop laughing 😆
Richard Wood
Seriously. I love this show. Thank you for making it!
SG Evan
Dont change devon please
DynamiKs Media Marketing Agency, LLC
Bruce Norris,....DEMANDS A NEW EPISODE!!!
harris hendra
Binged watched Freelancers series , i loved all of these cracks!!
made me literally roll on the floor laughing

now i wanna next episode already!!
100/10 comedy gold
This show is amazing, it deserves more likes
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Studio C Full Episode: Season 5 Episode 5. Get excited, because today's FULL EPISODE FRIDAY features THE HUNGER GAMES! We also have one of our dead body SCARE videos and Susan Weebers! Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

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