Nissitissitt River Dam Removal and Restoration Finesville Dam Removal 1 day ago   02:24

Be on the lookout for the upcoming video on documenting the details of this historic Nissitissitt River Restoration Project, coming soon.

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Scott S
It should end with...

“They Unconquered!”
Steve Thornton
The music of the machines is all I need to hear.
Jason Harper
William Baker
"Cautiously starts video with no sound...." oh thank God no annoying music.
Michael LeBlanc
Some of my fondest memories of living in Pepperell were spent swimming and hanging out with my friends right above the damn. Very Sad.
Col. Kevin M. Jankoski
Removing this waterfall and damn was criminal. I knew Millie Turner I built the railroad timber bridge used to get to the river for thousands of people to fish. You destroyed one of the best places for trout fishing in America and reduced it to a trickle.....shame on all of you meddling idiots
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Finesville Dam Removal Nissitissitt River Dam Removal and Restoration 1 day ago   06:32

Another obstruction along the Musconetcong River in New Jersey has been removed. Hear from some of the partners who made this possible and area residents talk about the project. A wide range of partners worked to make this project possible, including the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program. the Musconetcong Watershed Association, Trout Unlimited, NOAA Fisheries, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, American Rivers, National Park Service, Natural Resources Conservation Society, Princeton Hydro, Gleim Environmental Group, Urbani Fisheries and the Pohatcong and Holland Townships.