Western spy agencies plotted to ‘contain’ The cost of banning Huawei technology 5 months ago   04:05

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The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada has drawn attention to a meeting that took place in Canada last July, when spy chiefs from the “Five Eyes” intelligence network agreed to contain China’s telecom giant Huawei, which members regard as a security threat to the west. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story.

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Adeline Yee
Who is spying on who????
The 5 eyes vs the red Eyes whos gon win. Russia,China,Syria,Iran(OIL),Venezuela(Maduro), philipines (Anti USA Duterte), Pakistan, India(hate China but love Russia),Cambodia (economical dependent), Cuba,Kenya (economical benefit from the East), Nortg korea and etc....
Sevenho 16
White son of a bitch go
Get fuck.
Maia Roberts
Australia. Nz. Have both banned this 5G already. Don’t need it in uk.
mantan h
Lying Crossbred pig。
This brings huawei to the second topic I want to share: network security.
Prism, tell me! Who is the most credible in the world? This is an important question. if you don't know what a prism is, ask Snowden. Network security is a common challenge that we face, and we cannot judge security by prism, crystal ball or politics.
To build a security system that everyone trusts, you need to define responsibilities, unify standards, and develop clear regulatory measures.
The responsibilities here involve three parties: technology providers, operator industries and regulators, and technology providers.
First of all, let's take a look at the responsibilities of technology providers like Huawei.
Huawei's responsibility is to comply with standards and make safe equipment. 5G is a huge improvement over 4G, and we can proudly say that 5G is safer than 4G. As a device manufacturer, we do not operate telecommunications networks, nor do we have operator data. As equipment manufacturers, what we can promise is "not to do bad things."
Now, I repeat: Huawei has never installed, and will not install, a back door. And no one else will be allowed to do so on our equipment. We will take our responsibilities seriously.
Operators are responsible for the safe operation of their own networks. The 5G network is a private network. The boundaries between different networks are clear, and operators can prevent external attacks through firewalls and security gateways. For internal threats, operators can manage, monitor and audit all vendors and partners to ensure the security of internal network elements.
Finally, it is our shared responsibility that the industry as a whole needs to work together to develop uniform standards.
To build a more secure network, we need to standardize network security requirements and ensure that these standards are applicable and verifiable to all vendors and operators. NESAS is a project co-sponsored by GSMA and 3GPP, which is a good practice, and Huawei fully supports the project. In fact, the development of 3GPP security standards has been supported by many government security agencies. These institutions have strong 5G security verification capabilities. I fully agree with the recent recommendations of some industry bodies: governments and mobile operators work together to determine European security testing standards and certification systems.
I suggest expanding NESAS around the world. Experts are in charge of whether the network is secure or not. Huawei is safer!
Over the past three decades, Huawei has served 3 billion people around the world and maintained a good safety record.
The recent US security accusations against us at 5G are totally unfounded. Ironically, the US Cloud Act allows its agencies to access data across borders.
The United States excludes Huawei's purposes. the United States can’t collect information from the world if it uses secure Huawei equipment?
Therefore, to use the best technology to ensure greater security, please choose Huawei!
Recently, there has been a sharp increase in attention to Huawei, indicating that we are doing the right thing. Of course, the past few months have had some challenges for us. On the one hand, our 5G has been widely recognized in the market, on the other hand, there are a lot of speculation and rumors about Huawei 5G security in the community. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about Huawei's innovative progress and views on network security, and to communicate with you.
Huawei ranks fifth in the world in the 2018 EU Industrial R & D Investment ranking. Over the past year, we have invested more than $15 billion in research and development. Continuous investment today blooms and bears fruit, translated into our ability to continue to provide innovative products and efficient services to our customers. 5G is a good example.
Huawei took the lead in building 5G scale commercial capabilities, and to achieve a minimalist site, stronger performance! Under the condition of 100 megabytes of bandwidth, our 5G base station single sector throughput has exceeded 14G, and the performance industry is leading.
In scenarios with optical fibers, as long as a blade is inserted and a fiber is pulled, up to 200 gigabytes of bandwidth can be provided. Unbelievable! In the absence of fiber, operators can use microwave, but the traditional microwave bandwidth is only about 1 gigabyte, can not play the role of 5 gigabytes, Huawei through architectural innovation to achieve 20 gigabytes of bandwidth.
Together with 5G smartphones and CPE, Huawei can provide end-to-end 5G solutions. In fact, we have begun to help operators achieve large-scale deployment of 5G.
Last month, Zealer reported that several foreign outfield tests in China were 21 times faster than the so-called 5G in the United States. Actual testing and commercial applications are not more than 20 times, but they are also several times. So I fully agree with President Trump last week that the United States needs a stronger, faster, smarter 5G.
The two charts on the left are the results of the third phase of the IMT-2020 (5G) propulsion group, and we can see that Huawei is well ahead of its competitors in single-station throughput.
The third chart is a comparison of the equipment of various manufacturers of the customer's 5G commercial network. Huawei's 5G network has a single user rate of 1.3 Gbit, which is much higher than that of its competitors.
Start with capacity. For example, the performance algorithm of wireless base station can increase the capacity of single site by more than three times. In the hardware part, Huawei has its own 5G chip that can support 64 channels, reaching the highest in the industry and increasing its computing power by 2.5 times. Together, software and hardware technology can support a single sector of a wireless base station with a capacity of more than 14 gigabytes. In addition, our microwaves can support 10 times the transmission bandwidth ahead of our competitors. As we add up, we are constantly breaking through the limits of technology.
With regard to minimalist sites, the next step is how to minimize the site without sacrificing performance. For example, if the 64T64R antenna is made by traditional technology, one side of the 5G antenna is wider than the door and cannot be installed at all. On the coast of Barcelona, the wind blew away.
In response to this situation, we used the new material "integrated oscillator", which reduced the number of parts by 99%; the radome also selected the lightest material, reducing the weight by 40%. The AAU, which is only as wide as a backpack and takes into account wind resistance, was tested by a Category 15 typhoon in Shenzhen last year.
Minimalist site installation is also very simple. Just take advantage of existing 4G sites and even install them on lampposts. Minimalist sites significantly reduce operators' CAPEX and OPEX. In the case of European site rents, for example, we can help a single site save 10,000 euros a year.
Some people say that our telecommunications industry is using the 5G network in the 21st century, but the operation and maintenance is still in the 18th century. Take a look at the data, 70% of the world's network failures are caused by human causes. In order to make the operation more accurate and efficient, we will build a self-driving network.

Last October, Huawei released the world's best performance chips: Shengteng 910 and Shengteng 310. These two chips can help operators to intelligentize multiple scenarios in the network and greatly reduce the computational cost. On the basis of the chip, Huawei has developed a large number of algorithms and models for operator network scenarios. Driven by artificial intelligence, the whole telecommunications network gradually achieves the three goals of doubling resource efficiency, doubling operation and maintenance efficiency, and doubling energy consumption efficiency.

The more we invest in engineering science, the greater the reward. Today, Huawei has been able to bring the most powerful, minimalist, network-wide intelligent 5G network to operators around the world at a faster pace than its competitors.
Bruh Xd
Guys did you know (since I'm German) in German news it talked about how the US sees German Cars as a national Threat.
David Hynes
This guy is a fucking liar.
Jake Wheelie
America is stupid because their hypocrisy helped empower China to begin with.
Fay Wong
A proven criminal is accusing some one of spying, laughable.
Putin The Great
My next phone will be upgraded to Huawei
dd dd
Chinese must arrest more Canadians to compensate the FACE VALUES :)
Sam Z.
lol the US telling us not to use 5G, because we could be spyed.
its like a thief telling us how to close a door.
we still know what happened to Merkels phone
Wonder Zwane
We appreciate the truth on this matter. The 🇺🇸 must fall. Canada is stupid. Germany I love your request for proof. 🇬🇧 Wisen up, you have BREXIT at home, you can't be dragged along in this.
Five Eyes want to perpetuate the "White Protestant Mentality" and will go at any length to dumb down on anyone they see as true competitors like China. Their actions are fuelled by fear.
five eyes uk, us, canada, new zealand, australia this 5 devils eyes is CONNIVANCE officials are involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral and illegal activity
unlawful kidnapped for ransom of 10 million dollar is unacceptable
When the US wants to perform something unlawful, they always chalk it up to National Security. This is their euphemism for unlawful either in their own country or internationally. They abduct (note that it is not an arrest as no charge was made during the abduction) a Chinese businessman on a lame pretext of breaking sanctions, when sanctions are NOT law. Sanctions are diplomatic and political actions, they are not laws and not passed in Congress, therefore they cannot be enforced as laws by the judiciary. Sanctions are a matter of foreign affairs between countries and not individuals. By acting in such a manner, the Washington Mafia is acting more like common thugs rather than as a legitimate government.
After Snowden, iPhone and Facekook leaking users' data, some people still think Huawei is the unsafe one.
Aka U ToTo7
Mr. Pump-poo enjoy pumping the G sport. 6G soon.
ck LIM
Thec5.eyes are cheating the nation's that have brains. Iraq weapon of made ended with millions kills today. Y2K IT fear crated nation's paying billions. Who benefited and suffer. The the world knows who are actual devils with god's dressing
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The cost of banning Huawei technology Western spy agencies plotted to ‘contain’ 5 months ago   08:06

Some security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei, or working with it on 5G technology. The company has been accused of having ties to Chinese espionage activities.

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