Western spy agencies plotted to ‘contain’ The cost of banning Huawei technology 1 day ago   04:05

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The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada has drawn attention to a meeting that took place in Canada last July, when spy chiefs from the “Five Eyes” intelligence network agreed to contain China’s telecom giant Huawei, which members regard as a security threat to the west. RT America’s Alex Mihailovich has the story.

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Putin The Great
My next phone will be upgraded to Huawei
dd dd
Chinese must arrest more Canadians to compensate the FACE VALUES :)
Sam Z.
lol the US telling us not to use 5G, because we could be spyed.
its like a thief telling us how to close a door.
we still know what happened to Merkels phone
Wonder Zwane
We appreciate the truth on this matter. The 🇺🇸 must fall. Canada is stupid. Germany I love your request for proof. 🇬🇧 Wisen up, you have BREXIT at home, you can't be dragged along in this.
Five Eyes want to perpetuate the "White Protestant Mentality" and will go at any length to dumb down on anyone they see as true competitors like China. Their actions are fuelled by fear.
Luis A
five eyes uk, us, canada, new zealand, australia this 5 devils eyes is CONNIVANCE officials are involved in wrongdoing, especially an immoral and illegal activity
Luis A
unlawful kidnapped for ransom of 10 million dollar is unacceptable
When the US wants to perform something unlawful, they always chalk it up to National Security. This is their euphemism for unlawful either in their own country or internationally. They abduct (note that it is not an arrest as no charge was made during the abduction) a Chinese businessman on a lame pretext of breaking sanctions, when sanctions are NOT law. Sanctions are diplomatic and political actions, they are not laws and not passed in Congress, therefore they cannot be enforced as laws by the judiciary. Sanctions are a matter of foreign affairs between countries and not individuals. By acting in such a manner, the Washington Mafia is acting more like common thugs rather than as a legitimate government.
After Snowden, iPhone and Facekook leaking users' data, some people still think Huawei is the unsafe one.
Aka U ToTo7
Mr. Pump-poo enjoy pumping the G sport. 6G soon.
ck LIM
Thec5.eyes are cheating the nation's that have brains. Iraq weapon of made ended with millions kills today. Y2K IT fear crated nation's paying billions. Who benefited and suffer. The the world knows who are actual devils with god's dressing
"5 eyes" is accusing someone else of spying to cover up their inherited colonist nature.
USA just salty that Technology is no longer carrying their Country so they are gonna report China
Who can forget the USA got caught spy hacking the German Prime minister of Germany’s phone.
What do you expect ? Westerner, specifically the Anglo Saxon cannot play the fair game internationally. Only they can be top of the world, all those preaching about human rights and freedom is just a facade for their ulterior motive, which is global domination. i wonder if they even aware of their colonial past, when they steal the entire home land of the natives in north america and Oceania continent ?!
H.H. Teo
Fabrication of so-called "fake evidence" to kill your strongest competitor is not cool!

The model leadership character is not one of insecurity and projection. Sigh, pity how paranoia can make even the once confident nation becomes shamefully pitiful.
Steven Yeung
That's the beauty of accusation, no proof is needed. Where's the WMD? A solverent country is destroyed by accusations and lies by so evil people.
RT! Make some correction on "Five Eyes". Actually 6 Eyes . Japan decided to ban on all Chinese made IT equipment.
Huawei is ban in Japan. Korea is also considering ban Huawei and other Chinese made telecom equipment!
Archnid 001
5 eyes also the one bullying Germany and France back then because they are so powerful before the Anglo Saxon spy them to get Nazi Technology and France Architecture,
Akhtar Ali
Global Zionists cabal hate to lose control on global spying. Desperate.
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The cost of banning Huawei technology Western spy agencies plotted to ‘contain’ 1 day ago   08:06

Some security experts have warned Canada about doing business with Huawei, or working with it on 5G technology. The company has been accused of having ties to Chinese espionage activities.

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