These things are so dangerous... DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE 4 months ago   11:10

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Professor Neila
linus can you do the airwheel next with that big butt?
Tom-André Steinsgard
Note to editor*
I don't trust your judgement, but I also know a video can get when Linus starts talking! :P
The Garden of Eatin
On a pair of regular everyday roller skates I can go a LOT faster than those, maneuver a LOT tighter than those, actually burn some of my copious American fat, and not catch my house on fire with crappy lithium batteries.
Watching this, you activated my google home and I got the same answer. Stopwatch is not yet supported. :(
Jason Texter
with that pillow in the back it begs the question, did you stuff something in the front tho or is your junk inversely proportionate to your stature?
Zach H
Bixby will start a stopwatch
LUKE tan
He got thicc
Wretched Slippage
I cant stop looking at that ass
Marián Markovič
is there any point over in lines?
Night Hawk
"Ok google, start my stopwatch"
0:25 u sure? R u really going to read this comment of last year?? Like to see if u will read this, if i could.. actually give me any proof u read this no matter what

No i'm not asking attention in any form
Sick moves brah
Jordan Picking
Puts a bunch of pads on for "safety", but won't wear an actual pair of shoes with ankle support.
Ammon Record
When you asked google to start a stopwatch , my google home activated, lol. Still no stopwatch support sadly.
David Murray
Dat ass doe..... Linus with that apple bottom booty.
Did anyone see one rotten and one fresh corpse hanging from the trunk of blue mustang at 8:25
Austin Crouch
"Okay google" and all the phones in the room chime in
Thanh Sơn Trần
Someone is abusing the contributed subtitles function to change the title to self promote themselves. We need to make YouTube aware of this guys, spread the word. Change the language of to Vietnamese and go to Alan Walker faded, you will see what I mean
I would be interested in the time you could go through that course on foot
Jacob Benden
I think you'd be better off with just roller pretty much every way...
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DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE These things are so dangerous... 4 months ago   24:02

DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE In this video I will attempt to forge weld 1000 layers of Damascus from scrap band saw blades and sawmill blades. This is a personal challenge just for fun.
You can find part#2 to this video @
I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.