These things are so dangerous... DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE 2 months ago   11:10

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Steven Austin
I wouldnt be caught DEAD on any sort of segway 'hoverboard' technology! Total Crap!!!
Unknown ????
So baisically they are rollerblades
Swastik shuvam
Dat booty😂😂
Linus has a sweet ass.
Fog off boi
Really really ridiculously good looking
"Aw shoot", "Heck yeh", "What the fug"

Sheesh, the Canadianism is pouring out of this video..
PuppetGameReviews Chef PiPi
click bait much?
Jesse Polvinen
what we can take of of this video , linus spend a lot of time on his knees
Somebody had a lot of fun editing this.
Christian Unthank
This is so suss
Kang Yue
Linus maybe considers doing some research before putting flags to any product. Segway is buy out by xiaomi, so actually both product are comes from China.
Shravan Parthasarathy
you can tell the editor is Aprime right away
Stratton Black
do u really read these comments
0000 0000
wearing an ass protector LMAO LOSER
was that doc brown?
The Garden of Eatin
Do motorcycle helmets go bad in Canada?
Fritz Kocher
I won't get these either.
Hayden Rogers
Linus THICC tips
Beck Abney
5:52 I was playing Mario Kart 64 time trials and had this video up in the background and this sound played like 2 seconds before it played on my own game and I was extremely confused lol
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DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE These things are so dangerous... 2 months ago   24:02

DAMASCUS 1000 LAYER CHALLENGE In this video I will attempt to forge weld 1000 layers of Damascus from scrap band saw blades and sawmill blades. This is a personal challenge just for fun.
You can find part#2 to this video @
I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.