To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing IT LOOKED LIKE A NORMAL TREE 1 day ago   11:25

The world is heating up from global warming. Scientists all over the world are sweating in the rising heat to try and find a solution and it may involve the woolly mammoth.
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Jakey Poooh
Solution: Solar panels
Man is kind is annoyingling stupid just let global warming play through pray let god handle it u cant control everything
I know annoyingling is not a word
Routanne the Gamer
So wait, are we supposed to be preserving forests or tearing them down?
Eric Otter
Chris Shook
It's not right to bring the mammoths back and leave the cave bear, the Direwolf or the smilodon extinct. Is they bring the mammoths back than they need to bring back the other animals that went extinct during the ice age otherwise that's just people being selfish.
Meme Student
Wtf how does that animal help the world?
Romy Gastardo
Dont tell me demonic ppl will destroy they're horns again🙄

william sloan
For one scientists have discovered that Iceland has grown but that mean that global warming isn't real why yes your statement might be true the scientists caught that
urAnus OwO
Plz i beg bring every extinct animals plzzzz
Jacob Sacringieuos
1984: We will have flying cars in the future!
2019: Wooly Mammoths
Logan_ Cote
Wooly Mammoths, Yayyy!!
S Miller
Won’t getting rid of the trees reduce oxygen?????
Jose David
So there bringing more elephants to the planet
Kaptain KoRn
Yes.........because global warming is real......................
Mr Craft
Louder pls
Muhammad Adib
It's remember me to jurassic park
Renato Garcia
But do to the global warming they would sofocate.
Bring back a T. rex I want to see dinosaurs
spookt bruh
If the animals poop and make soil do we have to too?
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IT LOOKED LIKE A NORMAL TREE To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing 1 day ago   10:36

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