To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing Mutant Fish Taking Over 1 day ago   11:25

The world is heating up from global warming. Scientists all over the world are sweating in the rising heat to try and find a solution and it may involve the woolly mammoth.
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Aiden Aggy
The elephant add poped up when I clicked on the video
Yours Truly
I see a good opportunity for Mammoth grooming industry
buys some acres in Siberia
How the fuck is Jurassic Park saving the world? Scientists are stupid AF
kyler buck
how can we play god when God doesn't exist
twaght hammer
no body is saving shit, we just want to see some cool shit that's all lol. Saving the world my ass
Abi Lit
What they can do that now!?
Mr Mister
How is bringing back an animal that lives on the cold gonna change anything scientist need to stop being so stupid and face the real problems stop pollution, stop spraying crops with pesticides and chemicals making littering illegal investing into electric cars so cars and jets will stop shooting out gas, plant more flowers help out all those polar bears maybe etc
David Baumann
I think it would have an army on it because it was so incredible
sea levels are rising that fast ,before you know it you'll probably have a few turtles or other fishys chilling in your houses lool
He said permafrost 100 times
Chrome Firefox
Still waiting
Once again, we will probably kill the mammoths to extinction
99% of the video is brainwashing to small minds. The earth is the same as it has been for thousands of years. Only in the last 10 years has someone created a "crisis" over global warming. Look at actual numbers over history. Lots of talking but do your own homework. Don't believe the hype... Do your homework....
Global warming is now a good reason to do ANYTHING!! If it isn't they lie about it ANYWAY!!
Mike Yaple
This is so convoluted. Makes zero sense..... Deforestation..... By man... Has "driven" climate, change.... So bring back Mammoths to accelerate deforestation. Right! Don't believe bull caca.
Rick West
They will never bring it bk, they have been saying this bollocks for years....
John Quest
They have all died off. Leave well enough alone.
KOKO Playz
we are going to make them come back and then kill them all again and it will keep on happening
Carlo Rizzo
Woolly mammoths were always my favorite prehistoric mammal.I mean seriously how could you dislike an elephant that has freaking fur they are the coolest I would love to see one of them again roaming this Earth they deserve it
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Mutant Fish Taking Over To Save The World Scientists Are Bringing 1 day ago   10:01

All around the world, bizarre mutant fish creatures are being reeled in, and it's doubtful that their captors would describe their catches as “normal”. Here are 10 Mutant Fish Taking Over Waters Around the World.
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