Setting a gillnet Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip 2 days ago   03:35

A video of setting a net during the '07 summer salmon fishing season. Location, off Humpy Point or Clam Gulch Alaska.

Picture a curtain rod above an open window. You are drawing the curtain (net) from one side to the other before the wind (tide) blows all the slack out of it.

Conditions were calm enough to take the camera out on the boat.

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Jennifer Bowen
Why do these guys look like they jumped out of a 1920 movie with the ridiculous hats frizzy hair and plastic pants. Come on now guys.
Freddie Bates
cool man i love this vid. If you need a net rigger give me a bell. could do with a 2 month sabbatical. check out my site. Slainte; Freddie
WTH a one fathom net and no fish in the vid ??
And some sport fisherman is bitchin. LOL!
Ryan Peele
thats why theres no fish to catch? not every fish is gonna bite a hook just cause you want em to. they may not be hungry, hence they aren't gonna bite your damn line. i comm. fish for a living and have no problems catching fish on a rod and reel when i go. maybe its your lack of skill causing you not to catch anything on a hook.that doesn't make it a gillnetters fault.
nick gregan
they can take their fishing rods and shove it up there ass
I'm sure you rowed against the tide both ways too. Everyone else has calm days and rough days.
We fish for what we need . . . which is money.
FishKiller Allen
Hum! No Fish :-(
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Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Setting a gillnet 2 days ago   08:45

This was my first shark from the kayak, and after spending 5 minutes trying to remove the hook with pliers and being unable to get it out, I cut the line so that I didn't keep the fish out of the water any longer. I felt that if I kept trying, the shark would suffocate and die. Luckily they were NOT stainless steel hooks and it has certainly rusted out by now. Since this trip, I now pinch down the barbs on my hooks and have removed the hook from about 15 sharks since this trip. It is all a learning experience and I learned a lot from the mistakes I made on this trip.

Offshore Trip Gone Wrong: Part 3

I traveled from Corpus Christi up to Galveston, TX in search of my next target: landing a big shark from the kayak. Well, before long I had my first run and I could tell this was the kind of fish I was looking for. I landed my first shark, a nice 6 foot blacktip, but I would soon learn that if you lose your focus for just one second, the ocean will take advantage. My whole world got turned upside down in a heartbeat... literally.

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