Danger Dan Schools us on Aluminum Welding 4 rotor twin turbo 1400hp 2 days ago   13:25

Hoonigan Project Cars
How many jabronies does it take to build a rotary for our pit truck? Just two - two very skilled jabronies. Danger Dan and Vargas give our n/a 13b all the bells and whistles necessary for the stresses that the Worthouse boys will be throwing at this thing. AKA, lots and lots of limiter.

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jeffrey williams
love the smell of tig welding
Soo much to remember!!
Wind of change
a rotary truck ? man this is gonna be cool.
If you're getting a balled tungsten on an inverter machine, your frequency is too high. On an inverter tig you WANT a sharp point for aluminum. You only want your tungsten balled on an old refrigerator sized transformer machine.
That's going to be far too insane to drive... but someone will. I'm guessing Hert.
wayne hamblin
where do i get a ratchet like the one vargas is using
Adam Dmac
turbo charge the 13b. it will sound better
Brian BigKat
Vargus got that IS wagon boiiii!!!!
Fox MacLeod
I don't think "ferrous" means what you think it means, Dan. Iron, steel, typically magnetic stuff, that comes from iron ore. That's ferrous metal.
Dank Lovell
with the body kit be available for the public because there is a k truck in my town for sale and i’d cop it if the kit was available
Zero Fucks
you have forget to say to wear long sleeve shirt or welding jacket, because with tig welding you can get a really bad "sun" burn
Where is zac’s truck 😤
tata domanillo
Michael Heaton
A Pittsburgh measurement instrument? Yo, you need to crank up them prices and get rid of that Harbor Freight garbage mang!
VW VR6 next? Something different
Anyone else here his hand sizzle for a split second when he touched the weld? 5:21
Chris Gagnon
Inverter welders do not need a ball tip. If you have an inverter welder, just grab a purple tungsten and go to town.
Sneeki Breeki
Have you considered getting a UV filter for your camera(s)? Not only can the arc damage the camera, we would actually be able to see what Danger Dan is talking about!
Louis Simoneschi
With these newer inverter style machines its better to use something other than pure tungsten (green). Ceriated and Lanthanated tungsten work best for aluminum. Ceriated holds up to heat really well and lanthanated is great for low amp starts but also holds up to heat better than most. With those tungsten you can sharpen to a point and blunt the tip and the tungsten will maintain its shape as long as you are using a electrode negative biased balance 70-30 or 75-25.
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4 rotor twin turbo 1400hp Danger Dan Schools us on Aluminum Welding 2 days ago   06:52

In this video I'm showing the assembly of a twin turbocharged 4-rotor for my customer. This engine was the first to use our modular tension bolt system. With the modular bolt method, each half of the motor is secured to the center iron. This increased strength for high horsepower applications. It is also how Mazda made the R26b in the legendary 787b race car. Other notable features are full peripheral ports, race exhaust ports, lightened and clearanced rotors, full dynamic balance. Race bearings and complete drysump oil system. Contact logan@definedautoworks.com for any questions regarding your engine build!!