What will the future of 5G bring? Oneplus and Tencent: Exploring China's 2 days ago   24:29

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5G is coming. The next generation of wireless technology will give us self-driving cars, smart cities and could even teach you to score a goal like Messi.

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Adam D
The Propaganda is even stronger in Europe! It's pretty interesting to see the amount of lies being told to a population and the effect it has on events within said population. I thought it was rather strong in America and it is. But my guess is the shifting to more socialist/feminist ideals in Europe is really starting to take a toll on the populations critical thinking ability. I really hope Europeans begin to realize this and begin to counter it in a constructive way. I think the only reason America hasn't been effected by this as much is because our leaders know that the last thing they want to do is piss off a massively armed population. It's also explains why Democrats *aka* Socialists want to take our guns away so badly. It's the last layer of defense our population has against complete control of our citizens by the socialist/globalist elites.
Low frequency pulsed EMFs are safe (used for PEMF therapy, which has been shown to be beneficial to our health). Infra-red radiation is safe. Visible light radiation is safe. How is it that the only part of the non-ionising spectrum that is the most useful is dangerous?

If we looked at the total amount of radiation we receive, RF (and microwave) radiation is a tiny part of it. Sunbathing for 5 minutes in the summer will give you a higher non-ionising radiation dose than your entire life of being exposed to average RF (and microwave) radiation around us.
The Kaiser
Huawei is the best. No NSA or GCHQ backdoors!
I only hope they drop this horrible Android and come up with a proper operating system for phones.
Shane Hartley
Don't be fooled, it has the potential to enslave humanity. It's a weapon system. There will be control towers on every block. Surveillence will be total. Privacy non-existent. Risk vs. Reward. It's the social credit system. Elon Musk worries that A.I. will be our demise. The system will monitor our behavior with a logarithm controlled by an aritifiicial intelligence then it will modify our behaviour. Educaiton centers? No more weather radar? Read about effect on rats, then on fire fighters living below towers. The attack in Cuba on american diplomats was more than likely 5G weapon.
David Wayne Choate
Hey 5G ! Go fuck Yourself !
Steve V
5G is a military weapon. Don’t buy anything that uses 5G. Then they won’t be able to build their Internet of Things. Don’t install smart meters either. See YouTube videos by Barrie Trower.
5 g is a trash company that gets fked by interbot
Deco Lard
5g gonna kill u all
If people don't buy 5G smartphones and other equipment run by 5G their product will be a big fail. #Stop5G
Bryson Mukuya
It will bring DEATH watch https://ai-tube.com/videoai/8yzbyAWwHVH
Z Phish
Cancer.... 5g will bring more cancer. It will also kill all the trees near the antenna. So cancer and dead trees.
Abel Carvalho
6. It will change our future. It will kill us.

5G is used as a weapon by the militar. It destroys your DNA
and kills your cells. How good is all that speed if you’re dead?

The city of Brussels has banned it.

Think about it.

Do your research.
Patrick Delerio
Huawei reveal thier 7g network.
What 5G will bring is more cancer..
Paula Rodi
Clear your head if you can , this is not going to stop the corporation ! Take a stand! Ask the governments to prove is not harmful to all life on earth!
Paula Rodi
We the people all over the world do not have info how harmful is this new tech. How much research has be done? You do realize every thing in your house will cost you more, you will be spay in every step!! And your freedom ? Say good bay !
Paula Rodi
Already useful insects have disappear , birds the same ! So who is next? Weeds killed by poison, we are next? Better figure out UN agenda!!!
High bandwidth, lots of small antenna and lifi? The roll out will have lots of problems.
L Henderson
I miss the phone booth...
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Oneplus and Tencent: Exploring China's What will the future of 5G bring? 2 days ago   24:31

Spencer is back in China to get a behind the scenes look at the Oneplus mobile phone factory and visits the new offices of Tencent - now one of the most valuable companies in the world.

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