What will the future of 5G bring? 5G Whizz - BBC Click 2 days ago   24:29

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5G is coming. The next generation of wireless technology will give us self-driving cars, smart cities and could even teach you to score a goal like Messi.

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Sergey Slyusar
One thing left out when speaking about 5g is networks ability to generate visual data, these signals do not pass though objects - so they are reflected. By crating a dense network you will be able to generate real-time 3d representations of what is happening in any place covered by the network. In other words these systems have the ability observe and rely environment around them.
As result they can and most definitely will be used for surveillance. Ability to reconstruct 3d environment from the data is very complex problem but as AI moves forward dense 5g network will allow tracking of individuals movements and their activities.
Imagine - you open a window to your home and now some company selling furniture knows exactly what size, shape and layout your apartment is, what you are doing moment by moment and also what type of furniture you have, you may then begin to see adds for peaces of furniture that some AI algorithm suggests.
This technology is going to bring amazing opportunities to the market, however, it will also completely destroy any notion of privacy and put people in power in a position to control the population.
Shannon Kelly
5G KILLS!!!!!!!
next channel next
next channel next
Hopefully I'm genetically resistant to electromagnetic radiation, because it will be amazing driving at top speed at 5pm with no traffic.
Opto Mister
That poor lady from Bournemouth c.c. Looks like she’s already been exposed to 5G.
it will bring cancer
I will be destroying every 5g tower I see, cancer causing human experimentation. Can’t believe how dumb these presenters are. What really makes me sad is how much I love Bournemouth but soon it will be destroyed.
planet g.research
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Michael Galvin
Extremely dangerous technology, WEAPONRY used in the 2 world war, that wanna be blond bastard and these CUNTS want you dead, you didn't tell the truth about cutting most of the tree's down you fucktards
Fuck 5G
gothsamurai XoXo
Yall not gonna talk about the dangers of 5g,when 6g arrives our phones are gonna be nuclear weapons
I offer an protects you from the 5g by sending the human resonance in your home, I also offer an affiliate program: https://www.smartvibesonline.com/product/emitter/
hey guys....
there's nothing we can do about this... these companies are going to make this happen... they dont need our vote to do this.
they dont care about the health risk and total A.I. takeover... its all about the $$$$
Kalvin Barris
Will BBC make a mini documentary detailing how Britain will use 5G technology to better spy on its people with its Thousands of CCTV cameras...
William Schmidt
You have no idea what you are screwing with , or what you've unleashed upon the world , it's dark and your a fool your all fools ! I hope your brain gets cooked !
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5G Whizz - BBC Click What will the future of 5G bring? 2 days ago   24:31

The future is 5G: from race tracks to connected cows on the farm. Plus a look at Chinese company Huawei's leading role in developing the technology.

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