Medical tourism video MJRC How To Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery 1 day ago   01:52

Medical tourism to India draws patients for Knee replacement, Hip Resurfacing & replacements. This video show patients relaxing at an exotic sea side locale on the Bay of Bengal after surgery at Madras Joint Replacement Center ( MJRC).

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How To Recover From Hip Replacement Surgery Medical tourism video MJRC 1 day ago   17:20

Have you undergone a hip replacement procedure or are you planning on undergoing one? The Healthcare Heroes Hip Replacement Video Toolkit shows you exactly what you need to know to recover from the surgery. From the do's and dont's to words of wisdom for patients who recently had the surgery, the Toolkit can help you heal faster, avoid complications and get back to living.

About The Toolkits:

All Healthcare Heroes Video Education Toolkits combine visual storytelling (The Inspiration) with video discharge instructions and health education information (The Education) to reduce readmissions, keep patients healthy and out of the hospital, and free up valuable medical staff time.

The toolkit is produced by the award-winning team responsible for the nationally-syndicated television shows, "Healthcare Heroes" and "NurseTV" and an elite group of doctors, nurses and health educators.

Produced by Healthcare Heroes Media