Vouchers For Lovers. Johnny Beehner Johnny Beehner 5 months ago   02:49

Dry Bar Comedy
Sometimes your wife gets you vouchers for levers, and sometimes they are a huge let down. If thats the case, wats "The Flamingo Special" by Johnny Beehner only at http://www.drybarcomedy.com/johnny

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Alex Bleyker
Give me that coupon book!
Jennifer Nichols
Why are there typos in the description? Coupons for "levers"? "Wats" instead of watch? C'mon people.
Leave her immediately! 😠

MGTOW forever 💪
That is a horrible gift
Alex Force
wow. that wife is female dog.
Ana Lozada
Hahahahaha 🤣😭💀
Amanda H
xD ! DEAD . those coupns are so lame . She should have gotten the glow in the dark dice ! much more sexy!
Priest Morrison
An errand of My Choice

Yeah, he seems like a coupon book boyfriend tbh! the kinda guy you'd change teams over!
Chappy Oatagaurd
the hour of alone time is what you use in the middle of a fight.
Matt gaming
Lady & Baby Resale
So her gift was giving him 3 min of material... bc no one would ever think that this was a serious gift.. lol so funny though
She took out the only good one
Mr. President
Lol, that’s a good couple right there. Messing with each other
I love this man 😂😂😂
Kenneth S.
Wow that was a shitty thing to do lol.
Sarah Kuykendall
Smart wife
Jonathan Moir
had me at "my wife and I recently celebrated the bug 6 or 7"
That doesn’t seem very nice
Paula Rodriguez
hhahhaha “you owe me an hour of alone time”
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Johnny Beehner Vouchers For Lovers. Johnny Beehner 5 months ago   09:46

From the 2018 Artists West All Star Comedy Showcase in Las Vegas

Seen on The Late Show with David Letterman. and "Gotham Comedy Live.” Johhny made his network television debut in January of 2015 as one of the last comedians to appear on the Late Show with David Letterman. Shortly after, he appeared on "Gotham Comedy Live." He has made numerous appearances on FOX's "Laughs"television show, and regularly appears on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show. His comedy can be heard regularly on XM/ Sirius Satellite radio.

Other notable and accomplishments of Johnny's include winning First place in Comcast's 2014 season of "Trial By Laughter," placing third in the 2014 “Laughing Skull Comedy Festival” of Atlanta, and making it to the finals in the 2012 “Great American Comedy Festival”. He was named one of Ricky Gervais' Top 5 picks in the "Just Sayin” stand up contest.