GUIDE DOG USER ANSWERS THE MOST Canada's Worst Driver S14E03 3 weeks ago   15:20

Molly Burke
Guide dog user answers the most Googled questions about guide dogs!

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Molly Burke
Did you learn anything new in this video?
Joanna (Evril)
I learned so much! I used to work in Starbucks and we had a blind customer with a guide dog, she looked very similar to your Gallop! The customer was a sweet old man and we were always overjoyed to help him navigate around the store! I was really amazed with how smart the dog was as well. Hope you decide to make the navigation video, it would be lovely to know more about it
Sarah Denise
Thank you Molly for taking the time to teach us random people! I love your work.
Zuleyka Pagan
I bought my sweater but it hasn’t arrived
Chloe Manchester
How long does it take for a guide dog to be trained? And also, does the dog have to be bred into being a guide dog? Like, let’s say a female dog is a guide dog, and it has puppies, does that mean the puppies have to be guide dogs? I’m deaf, so I don’t really need a guide dog. I
Phillip Schoenfeld
Would love to see some street crossings and general Guide Dog navigation skills! Love your videos Molly!
A family friend of us used to train guide dogs. Like the basic puppy fase before the training school.
One dog failed. Very sweet dog. They kept him

The other one. Who did succeed and loves it. The woman whose it is now went somewhere where she couldn't really take him
They took him in for a week. She was so happy that that family wanted to take him. Knowing all the rules and such. And since the dog is pretty insecure.

He loved it. It was a vacation for him. Lots of playing fetch anf all WITH A RING NOT BALL. Even playing with my dog (well my pup walking and chasing him. Whatever)
Blake Quinn Bostwick
I walked the stage at graduation with a guide dog named Jamboree. He helped me with my anxiety and panic attacks. (My profile picture is Jamboree laying in me after a panic attack)
Ida Storm
What do you do if you sit beside someone who’s allergic to dogs on a plane?
Deven Salcido
Or how you use the cane and navigate
Deven Salcido
I would love to see a mobility orientation
Camilla Riccius
I hope this isn´t too stupid of a question, but is there any guideline as to how big/small the dog has to be to be able to be a guidedog? (that was a lot of "to be´s" lol)
Ashley Advice
I’m left-handed too
Ashley Advice
I have a guide dog and the place where I got it from they said that it can either go to me when it retires or to the people who had it when it was training or to a random family and I actually had a retired guide dog when I was younger as a pet we got it because didn’t want to go to the owner or to its original family so it came to us but it died a couple of years ago. I live in New Zealand and we have a proper guide dog school that’s part of the blind foundation
Zoe Winder
I would love a mobility video! It baffles me and I have a blind cousin who was sighted for 12 years and became blind so I'd love to understand her world better
Poopy Poop
Is all that you see black, also do you have to blink
Khalid Mohammad
I have a question:

Can you see only the outline of things or are you completely blind? Sorry if this was rude to you I was just curious.
WillowGameZ :]
I love all doggies!! Yours is adorable 😁😁🐶🐶🐶🐕🐕🐕 It’s cool to know all these things about guide dogs
Sarah McLaen Choreography
Is it a dumb video idea to try to read Braille with your foot or face or something other than your fingers?
Tomasz Suchecki
I know hybrid cars have freaked me out by sneaking up on me. Hope Gallop can hear them!
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